Window Cleaning Without Streaks – Is It Possible?


Room dust gradually settles on the inner surfaces of window structures, and noticeable stains and streaks appear on the outer surfaces. And if for some time you can ignore these circumstances, then sooner or later you will still have to do window washing. Indeed, in its pure form, these designs look much better, and the degree of natural light in the room is significantly improved.

Cleaning windows is no problem. But how to wash windows without streaks? Many people try to clean perfectly, but stains still remain. This is mainly due to a lack of experience or ignorance of effective solutions to achieve such a goal. We will talk about the last aspect.

General rules for cleaning windows without streaks

Self-washing windows in any way implies the observance of several nuances:

  • cleaning is carried out only in cloudy weather;
  • washing is carried out only at positive temperature;
  • first of all, the frame is washed, then the double-glazed windows;
  • the inside is processed first, then the outside;
  • cleaning is carried out with the same successive movements;
  • windows are washed with warm water.

The implementation of these rules allows you to increase the efficiency of window cleaning and the speed of its implementation.

Popular streak-free window cleaning methods

There are many ways to clean windows. Some people use professional tools and tools, others use “grandmother’s” methods, and others simply call cleaners. Each of these options has certain advantages and disadvantages. We are talking about financial costs, the time of the event, the effectiveness and safety of the chosen method.

Note that any of the methods below can achieve the desired result. Therefore, we recommend choosing the solution that is more to your liking. Unless, of course, it corresponds to the available financial possibilities and you have time to implement it.

Cleaning windows with professional cleaners

To carry out cleaning, you will need to buy a special product for washing glass surfaces, and it is desirable that it be produced in bottles with a dispenser. Ideally, take a spray. It will allow you to spray the product in a small layer immediately over the entire surface of the glass. You will also need microfiber cloths. For washing large windows, it is advisable to additionally arm yourself with a sponge and a scraper with a rubberized nozzle.

The washing process itself is simple:

  • wipe the frame with a damp and dry cloth (if wood, then only dry);
  • apply the spray evenly over the entire surface of the double-glazed window;
  • wipe the structure with a clean damp cloth (one-way movements);
  • repeat the previous paragraph, but with a dry microfiber cloth;
  • additionally wipe the glass with an old newspaper.

The last action will absorb the remaining water, make the glass shine and finally eliminate the likelihood of streaks. Here professional window cleaners

Washing windows with popular means

This option is relevant if it is not possible to buy professional detergents. The principle of washing itself does not change, the only difference is in the detergent used. The most effective options are:

  • Standard table vinegar 9% is diluted in water (2 tablespoons of vinegar per liter of water). We spray the created mixture on the glass surface, wait about 5 minutes, and then gently wipe it with a dry cloth or napkin. In this way, the window is cleaned easily and without streaks. An additional advantage of the solution is the appearance of a slight sheen on the glasses.
  • Dilute half a sachet of citric acid in a glass of warm water. We wash the glass with a damp cloth, then apply the resulting solution and carefully wipe the surface (required until the product dries, otherwise there will be stains).

There are recipes that include baking soda and laundry detergent. But it is better not to use them, since the use of these substances directly contributes to the appearance of a yellow coating on window frames.

Preventing streaks from window cleaning

To optimize the cleaning process, it is necessary to initially gently soak and remove accumulated dirt, apply and rinse thoroughly with detergent, and then wipe the glass dry and (if possible) polish it. If you do without chaotic movements and follow the above recommendations, then there will be no divorce. As an alternative solution, it is enough to turn to professional cleaners and order window cleaning, receiving first-class service from the best specialists in your city.


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