What is 3D Laser Scanning and What is it Used for?


3D laser scanning is non-invasive and non-destructive technology that allows a surveyor to digitally capture the shape of physical objects using a line of laser beams. This process enables the surveyor to complete an accurate 3D image of any object, and this can be used in many different ways, such as:

  • Construction
  • Film Industry
  • Mapping any Object
  • Manufacturing
  • Design

Forming a Point Cloud

A point cloud is a collection of data points that are used to create a 3D image onto a computer, and with expert 3D laser scanning in Manchester, any object can be accurately turned into a 3D image. The specialist companies in this field can tailor their services to suit the client’s needs, and once all the data has been collected, a 3D image can easily be created.

Remote Viewing

If a building is digitally scanned, the resulting 3D images can be sent to building inspectors, who can carry out their work without having to physically inspect the building.

Topographical Surveys

This is one of the major uses of laser 3D mapping, as it provides a very accurate three dimensional image of the site, and the process is separated into two sections, namely the collection of data and the formation of the 3D image. Once the data has been collected, it is then inserted into a computer program where the image is then created, which can be completed off site.

If you have any 3D laser imaging requirements, a Google search will put you in touch with a local 3D scanning provider, who is able to provide the right service that is very accurate and non-invasive. Using this technology in conjunction with a 3D printer allows you to create objects that are prefect in every detail.

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