Vacuum containers – how to store food


Economic and ecological approach as lifestyle slowly becomes not so much a fashion as a necessity. Statistics are alarming – in developed countries people are wasting more and more food. The estimated wasted amount of food by US residents could provide approximately two billion people a year. It is a good idea to shop

in advance thoughtfully. This will allow us to adjust the quantity of food to current needs and shorten its storage time, and thus reduce the amount of waste and spoiled food. However, the proper storage is just as important as the amount of food you buy. Many containers, aluminium foils and food protective foils are available on the market. However, they all have the disadvantage that they mainly work to separate the products from each other in the refrigerator and to prevent them from drying out.

In traditional plastic packaging or foil, the food is always in contact with oxygen, which means that the reduced temperature in the refrigerator will increase the time of freshness of the products only. However, there are other highly useful and functional ways to perishable food – these are vacuum containers that are intended for storing food products for which protection against moisture and atmospheric air (oxygen) is recommended. Storing food in such containers, under vacuum conditions, allows for 3-5 times lengthening the freshness of the products while preserving their natural taste and aroma.

Vacuum containers from Dafi are best suited for storing fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, poultry, eggs, cold meats, cheese, dry and dried food: cookies, candies, chocolate, nuts, chips, dried fruit, tea, coffee, pasta, cereal flakes etc.

Dafi vacuum containers are very easy to use. They are available in various sizes (from 0.5l to 2.7l) colours and shapes, so it’s easy to choose the right container. For extracting the air a pump is used: manual or electric, allowing to “draw” the air from the container inside, while blocking its access from the outside. Put the products in storage in the container, put the lid on and remove the air with the pump.

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