Oak Kitchen Cabitnets – An Outlook Of Stains


Kitchens are an integral part of any home. With the upgradation in home styles and furnishings, the kitchen styles are advancing too. Those honey colored oak cabinets are now out of trend as the craze for grey, black and other pastel shades is increasing day-by-day.

One way to modernize the existing oak concept kitchen cabinets is using color or stains. Check out more oak kitchen cabinets ideas to get started.

Oak kitchen cabinet stains: How to choose?

Kitchens are center of every home and are the key in making or breaking the home design and expensive enough that they cannot be altered in case of fault. So due care is needed while choosing the colors and stains for the kitchen.

Coming to kitchens, it not that “what you like” is important. The factors to be considered are how the chosen stain colors would work with the other kitchen elements.

Stain Colors in general:

There are seven stain colors in general. Out of those the best fit for oak cabinets are listed below. They are:

  1. BROWN:

These are one of the modern stain options. Because of their strong contrast with the stainless-steel appliances, they offer an eye-catching effect to the kitchen. But these require good space. If the area is small, it makes the kitchen look small, dark and dreary. One can go for this stain color only if the large design elements of the kitchen design like tile etc are neutral, lighter shades.

  1. BLACK:

Black is an all-time favorite stain. It is perfect for any modern kitchen. But it will make the kitchen look smaller. Best way to overcome this drawback is by choosing black stain for lower cabinets whereas, for upper cabinets use lighter, neutral stains.

  1. GREY:

These are the mediators of the modern kitchen design styles. Grey stains give an avant-grade appeal when combined with flat fronted cabinets paired with light fixtures. Grey is a color that can go with the teal. This can be styled to country or rustic appeal too.

  1. COLORS:

If you are a color-lover who doesn’t want the beauty of the wooden grains of the cabinets to be painted over, you can go for color stains. A wide variety of color stains are being offered these days by most of the companies. One can go for anything from pale shades to bolder shades to add beauty to their kitchen cabinets and to modernize the look of their existing kitchen style. It is always best to give a neutral wall backdrop with counter top colors when opting for a strong cabinet stain. Let the kitchen cabinets be ruled by this stain. One can get any type of styling using this stain based on the kitchen elements and the type of cabinets being covered by this stain.

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