Top Locksmiths From The History


Most of the locksmiths who aided in the invention of this crucial security mechanism have vanished from history. However, as parts and equipment became more standardised (and recordkeeping techniques improved), innovators began to develop and perfect the types of locks we know today.Finding a trustworthy 24/7 locksmith that you can call when you need them will give you peace of mind when you are in an emergency.

So, the following are some of history’s most famous locksmiths:

1. Khafre, the Egyptian pharaoh

Khafre, the first locksmith king in history, was none other than a pharaoh himself. The pharaoh is most renowned for building the Great Sphinx and other large statues, but he also witnessed the creation of the wooden mechanical lock, which weighed 10 pounds and was used to safeguard treasury and royal goods.

2. Yale, Linus Jr.

It’s only natural that he was the son of the top locksmiths in New York, as he is perhaps the greatest locksmith in American history. Yale improved on his father’s inventions to create the contemporary pin-tumbler lock mechanism, the combination lock that is presently used on many bank safes, and the cylinder lock. This typical lock is based on an inner cylinder rotating on an axis within an inner cylinder. Yale formed Yale & Towne Company, a global locksmith leader, based on his successes.

3. Soref, Harry

Locks were difficult to duplicate for centuries. Metals were less durable, and smaller pieces were prone to bending. After learning about the use of layered laminated steel barriers on bank vaults, American locksmith Harry Soref began making his own padlocks. As a result, more durable and safe padlocks are now widely accessible. It’s no surprise that he is the company’s creator, having founded Masterlock in 1921.

4. Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini was a magician who performed a variety of tricks. On the other hand, the legendary Harry Houdini is perhaps best known for breaking out of locks rather than building them. He began his career as a locksmith at the age of 11 and went on to work as a trapeze artist and a vaudeville actor before becoming the famous escape artist we know today. His strong understanding of locks and agility gave him a leg up on the competition when it came to performing astounding acts of extrication. It quickly became a locksmith’s Holy Grail to create the one lock that could thwart Harry Houdini.

5. Louis XVI, King of France

Yes, it is correct! While he was renowned for being a disengaged head of state with terrible communication skills, King Louis XVI was one of France’s most famous locksmiths. In his Versailles palace, he kept a collection of common and ornamental locks. He was also a novice blacksmith, learning how to make a variety of locks from Gamin, the royal blacksmith. While Marie Antoinette was unconcerned by his pastime, Royal courtiers tried to discourage it. It’s strange that a king deposed by the people benefited from the abilities of a tradesman rather than a statesman like Benjamin Franklin, who helped secure French support during the Revolutionary War. It has been believed that this shared interest was a link between His Majesty and the Queen.


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