4 Ways to Upgrade Your Basic Switch Plate Covers


Plain white switch plates tend to be the default option for home builders, making them the most common type of switch plate covers in homes. But there are so many more options out there aside from the basic white plastic switch plate. If you’re still stuck with the basic model, it might be time to think about an upgrade. Keep reading to learn about four different types of upgrades that you can consider for your wall plates.

Upgrade the Color

If you don’t have a problem with plastic, maybe it’s time to consider upgrading the color of your plates. White might be nice and neutral, but it doesn’t really add much to the style of your home. Plastic wall plates come in a huge variety of colors, from chic black to vibrant hues of pink, red, blue, and more. Adding a pop of color to your walls in this way ensures that the color isn’t overwhelming, and it can help to pull together the overall design and color scheme of your room.

Upgrade the Material

Want a material that’s a bit classier and more durable than plastic? There are so many more material options out there for wall plates than most people realize. Ceramic, wood, and metal are just the beginning; there are also many different types of metals to choose from, including copper, nickel, steel, bronze, and more. The huge variety of options allows you to find material in just the right hue to suit your decorating style, whether that’s the deep browns of bronze or the cool gray of nickel.

Upgrade the Features

You probably didn’t know that wall plates could have built-in features. But this is the 21st Century, and everything has features now! Wall plates can come with built-in nightlights on their lower edge, providing a soft glow on the ground to find your way around at night. Another option is to have a USB port built into the side of the wall plate cover. This makes it easy to charge electronic devices without even taking up an electrical outlet. These modern features are a great way to upgrade your basic wall plates and bring them into the modern era.

Upgrade It Yourself

Want a more customized upgrade to your wall plates? You can find wall plate covers that can be painted or wallpapered, allowing you to put your custom touch on these little elements of your home design. Make sure you look for switch plate covers that are specifically designed to take paint or wallpaper so that your custom paint or paper job doesn’t immediately peel off.

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