Top 5 Tips for Cleaning Your Gutters


Clogged gutters might cause many problems. By keeping your gutters clean, you will be able to protect the sidings, windows, and doors of your home from water damages. If you also have a basement, you might as well prevent flooding down there.

During showers and storms, the rain will hit your roofs, falling into your gutter once it reaches the eaves. If there is a fault with your gutter at any point, rainwater might easily find its way onto external walls. To help you avoid this, here are pro tips you can use to clean your gutters:

  • Schedule Semiannual Cleaning

Ensure you clean your gutters twice or thrice a year. One major reason to clean your gutters is to eliminate the possibility of water damages.

Another reason is to minimize rust corrosion. Although it might not rain in summer, if there are debris and dirt in your gutters, the process of rusting will speed up.

  • Decide on the Best Leaf Collection Technique

You might choose to drop cloth or lay a plastic tarp under your gutter while maintaining your roofs and cleaning the leaves. With this, it would be simple to dump the leaves into trash bags.

Alternatively, you may opt for a plastic bucket that has a metal handle. Be sure to cut the handle into two and bend them so as to attach the parts to the edge of your gutter. If the leaves are wet, it can be simple to pack themselves into your bucket.

  • Consider a Gutter Cleaner

Cleaning rain gutters might be a shaky and unpleasant business for homeowners. It’s also unsafe and challenging to use a 20 feet ladder so as to clean your roof.

In this case, it could be best to consider gutter cleaning services. Though there are many things that you might need to look at, such as experience, reliability, licensing, certification, and services, just to name a few.

  • Put Gutter Guards

If your gutters clog quickly, you can fit guards. These clips can prevent debris from being cleaned out.

This is also a great way to prevent birds from nesting and serve as a sieve so as to filter out debris and dirt. Guards might save you effort and time and reduce the importance of cleaning your gutter.

  • Prioritize Safety

Avoid cleaning your gutters while on the roof. Otherwise, this chore might turn into a needlessly risky preposition. Instead, use a ladder to clean your gutters. Cleaning your gutter might seem an easy task, though it may quickly go awry if you don’t pay more attention.

Since you will be moving your ladder a lot, ensure you have an even and stable footing. In case you prefer an extension ladder, it would be a wise idea to consider standoff stabilizers. These stabilizers can prevent your ladder from lying on the gutter to cause damages.

Final Remarks!

Whether it is a spring cleaning or fall leaves clogging your gutters, debris and dirt might cause serious damages to your home, especially if you aren’t proactive.

Although this is not a fun project, your bank account might be less pretty if you have a damaged foundation and leaky roofs.

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