The Importance of Commercial Roof Maintenance


There are obviously many important components to a commercial build, but one that many people tend to forget about is the roof. So while business owners tend to spend time worrying about maintaining internal spaces, the exterior is quite often neglected. And when it comes to the roof, most do not give it a second’s thought – until that day something does go wrong.

According to 1st Choice Commercial Roofs out of Texas, roof maintenance is something that should be carried out religiously by all building owners. The cost of maintaining a roof is a fraction of what a commercial roof repair would cost in the worst-case scenario, so taking the time for regular inspection and maintenance could save you quite a bit of money in the long run. Note though that if you do suffer damage to the roof but fail to get it repaired as soon as possible, there may end up a situation where the entire roof needs to be replaced. This could ultimately set you back tens of thousands of dollars.

How to Carry Out Routine Maintenance on Your Roof

It is easier to spot damage to your commercial roof if you get into the habit of cleaning it regularly. You can take care of this internally (not recommended) or hire commercial roofing contractors. Houston based 1st Choice say that regular maintenance is the best way to avoid a costly roof repair or replacement. They say that implementing a roof maintenance schedule will help you spot damage early and thus avoid further damage to the building caused by potential leaks.

How often the roof is inspected and cleaned will depend on many factors. The size of the roof and the material used in its construction will all play a role, as will how exposed it is to the elements. If you are in a storm zone, the roof may be more prone to damage.

You should also be aware that things like fungi, algae, and moss can build up on a roof, which can cause damage if left untreated for a long time, especially if these build up in the guttering.

Most experts agree that commercial roof inspections should take place at least twice a year. As mentioned above, you could take care of this yourself or hire a roof contractor to visit the building and do it for you. Most hire the experts knowing that the job will be done correctly and that if there is any damage, the specialists will spot it.

Furthermore, expert roofing contractors have the right equipment and tools as well as the expertise that you or your staff might not have.

The Benefits of Roof Maintenance

Apart from the obvious benefit of reducing the risk of roof repair or replacement, maintaining the roof has other benefits, some of which might actually surprise you. For example, did you know that you can help the environment by keeping the roof maintained? How, you might ask.

Well, regular inspections and cleaning mean that the roof is less likely to suffer from a buildup of waste products that would otherwise end up in landfill. In addition, maintaining the roof means lower energy consumption as there will be no unnecessary cold or warm air leaks. This has a direct and positive impact on the environment.

Your commercial building will be safer and more comfortable for your workers when the roof is kept in good condition. The risk of infection and illness from pests and mold will not be an issue, and employee productivity will increase.

Now you know why roof maintenance is important and the many different reasons for it.

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