The Basics of Landscaping and Garden Design


Designing the perfect garden isn’t as difficult as some would have you believe, and by making the best use of available resources, it won’t break the bank to transform your garden into an area in which the whole family want to spend their downtime. The first thing to do is create a floor plan, which should be drawn to scale and includes the complete area that you have, while also taking into consideration the ground levels.

Making the Most Out of What you Have

Ask the trusted landscaping services in Lee on Solent, and they will confirm that the first thing to do is establish what you have. If the garden is flat and level, you can still create multiple levels by careful moving soil, and by calculating how much space you have for a patio, that can be included in the floor plan.

The Focal Point

Most gardens have a patio or terrace, which is the main feature of the garden, with everything designed around the relaxation platform. Ideally, the terrace would adjoin the rear or the side of the home, and with either sliding double glazed patio doors or an elegant set of bi-folding doors, you have the perfect access.

Major Features

Any of the following would be classed as a main feature:

  • Garden Pond
  • Waterfall & Rockery
  • Water Fountain
  • Lush Green Lawn
  • Flower Beds

Exactly what you choose is down to personal taste, and by creating multiple layers, your garden will have a balanced look. Talk to your local landscaping service and see what they can do for you.







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