Should You Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioner? Here’s How To Decide


There is nothing more frustrating than an air conditioning system breaking down in the middle of summer. The rising temperatures combined with the humidity and the bright sunshine can make anyone cranky and want to throw out their old AC and buy a new one. Although replacement is the fastest way to get cold air circulating within a home once more, sometimes all a broken air conditioner needs is air conditioning repair Ashburn VA company offer as a service.

What makes matters complicated is knowing exactly when the AC can be fixed and when a replacement is necessary. For those who are stuck between making the said decision, here are a few helpful tips that can help:

Tip 1: Check The AC’s Age

The first telltale sign if the air conditioning system requires replacement is its age. Air conditioners that are older than 15 years old consume a great deal of energy and are more prone to breaking down. However, if the unit is less than 5 years old, there is a very good chance that a professional can repair the damages and bring it back to its old self.

If the repair job was excellent, the chances of another AC issue in the near future will no longer be a problem.

Tip 2: Consider Replacement Is Repair Costs Are Too Expensive

Despite the best efforts of expert air conditioning repair Ashburn VA companies, there are some AC repairs that are just too expensive. During these instances, it might be better to just invest in a brand new unit instead of spending extra on repairing the old air conditioner.

Always weigh in the fact that a new air conditioner is more likely to have a warranty and will last longer compared to a unit that requires expensive repairs.

Tip 3: Spiking Energy Bills

It is fairly normal to see that the energy bills increase a little during the summer months. We all end up using the air conditioner longer than usual when the weather is very hot. However, in cases where the energy bill continues to increase even if there is no significant change to your energy consumption, the AC might be the reason.

Old, worn out, and outdated air conditioning units will consume more energy as years pass. If you have noticed this in your home, a simple repair might not fix the problem. A complete unit replacement should be your next step.

Tip 4: Constant Need For Repairs

If you find yourself always calling the experts to fix one AC issue after another, it might be time to consider buying a new one. A unit that breaks down often or has several issues at a time is not worth maintaining, your home will be better off with a brand new unit instead.

Consult The Pros

These tips can still be confusing for many people. The best way to know if your air conditioner needs simple repairs or if a replacement is necessary, consult with a professional air conditioning repair company. The pros will assess the state of the unit and offer advice on the best way to proceed.

If you’re looking for a reputable and dependable air conditioning repair Ashburn VA, tap the services of Air-Tech Systems. Contact us today!

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