Should You Decorate Your New Home Before or After You Move In


The whole process of relocating and starting your life somewhere completely new seems stressful enough. However, when you add the process of decorating as well, things get a lot more complicated and overwhelming. And, as the cherry on top, we have to decide whether to decorate our home before or after we move in. This is never easy as there are a lot of factors you have to consider.

For example, are you moving to a house or an apartment? Do you have to move in a hurry? Do you have a storage unit? Can you afford to live somewhere else until you finish decorating your home? These and many other questions must be answered before you make your decision. But do not worry, we will help you out. Keep on reading to find out what is better – decorating your home before or after the move.

Pros of Decorating Before You Move In

According to many people with experience, it is much better to start decorating your home before you move in. So, if by any chance you have the luxury of living in a hotel and paying for storage, or staying in your old home for that matter, you will be able to decorate your new home before you move in. So, do not rush with finding moving agencies on USA Moving Reviews and relocating quickly. Take your time! Thus, here are some reasons why decorating before moving in is much better:

  • You will be able to change floors, add carpets and repaint without constantly moving your things from one room to another.
  • Doing any kind of construction work is a lot easier in an empty room.
  • You will not have to cover every piece of furniture with plastic wrap.
  • Unpacking will be much easier later on and you will not have to live out of boxes until you redecorate for good.
  • You will not have to live with construction workers 24/7.
  • Your children and pets will be much safer.
  • Once everything is finished, you will be able to enjoy a stress-free house move.

Pros of Decorating After You Move In

Yes, all the reasons mentioned above are more than legitimate. And it really does look like decorating after you move in is impossible. However, it is not. Many people have to decorate their homes after they move in. Some have already sold their homes, some do not want to waste money on hotels and storage and some are really in a hurry because of their job or school. Luckily, decorating and moving on short notice can be easy, and actually good. Here is why decorating after moving in is great:

  • There is no need to rush with any work or construction.
  • You do not need a plan for the entire house as you can easily and slowly decorate room by room.
  • All your furniture will already be inside, so there is no need to worry about damaging your new walls when carrying the furniture inside your newly decorated home.
  • The whole family can participate in this project and you can make decisions together.

Which Order Works Best When Decorating Your New Home

Hopefully, the previous two paragraphs helped you decide what should you do first – move in or decorate. As previously mentioned, this is all individual, and you should decide based on your current situation. In the end, it all depends on how much time and money you have to spare. Be sure that improving your home’s interior does not come cheap too. And now, let us mention in which order you should decorate your home, either before or after you move in.


Flooring is the first thing you must do before you move in. That is before you bring your furniture inside. If you leave it for afterward, you will end up carrying your heavy pieces of furniture from one room to another. And this means living with a lot of clutter and mess. So, if possible, make some arrangements to have new flooring installed at least a day or two before you and your family move in. After this step is complete, do not forget to put some mats or even plastic wrap over your carpets or new floors, as you will surely dirty them a lot when unpacking and bringing all the furniture in.


It would be a lot easier to do this step before you move in as you will not have to worry about messing up with furniture or dealing with running kids. However, if you have to paint after you move in, make sure to do it one room at the time and to follow all those basic rules of painting your home. And, again, do not forget to cover all the furniture or anything else in that room with plastic wrap or even with some old papers.

Electrical Upgrades

After you are done with flooring and painting it is time to tackle the electrical upgrades. If you do not have experience with this kind of project, it would be much better to call an electrician. They can install all the power outlets, install a wall switch, adjust the lighting and so much more.

Bring in the Furniture

It is of key importance to clean and vacuum your old furniture before you bring it to your new home. If you do it on the spot, you might damage or dirty the walls and floors you just finished. Thus, make sure that everything is clean and prepared for your new home. However, if you plan to ditch your old furniture, and go shopping for some new pieces, do not forget about the measurements. Measure everything before furniture shopping.

Final Touches

This is the only decorating step you can do both before and after you move in. This step includes bringing in those last boxes and unpacking everything. Fill all the cabinets and closets, put paintings on the walls, figurines on the shelves, curtains on windows, and add your plants.

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