Introducing Holy Moly ConceptsTM


If you are looking for top quality eco-friendly cleaning products, look no further than Holy Moly ConceptsTM. The company was formed in 1989 and now has a strong and committed customer base. The company started with a fantastic product called Supreme All-Purpose CleanerTM, a versatile cleaning product used for carpet, upholstery, grout and hard surface cleaning. Supreme retailed over 3 million cans of this high-quality cleaner through a network of flea markets, online sales, distributers and trade shows. Holy Moly ConceptsTMis not only committed to provide their customers with the best products but products that can make cleaning simpler! Life is for living and with Holymolyconcepts you will have time to live life and have a clean and spotless home!

Holy Moly’s latest product from their range of ecologically safe cleaning products and solutions is the Holy Moly Glass Cleaning ClothTM. This amazing cloth is a 16×15 pure white cloth about the size of a paper towel, but 100 times stronger! It can be washed and reused over and over again – all you have to do is all you have to do is wet it, wring it and wipe any surface with water. no harsh chemicals needed – its that simple! For best results do not machine dry or use fabric softener, machine wash and air dry only.

For a more cleaning power use vinegar instead of water to help kill germs on any surface. Hotels and Cleaning companies were amongst some of the first customers to find this unique and quality product and now Holy Moly has customers all over the world. For those tougher jobs that require more cleaning power, Holy Moly has released their new Commercial cloth. It is larger and is dyed black but has the same properties as the original cloth. Customers like the commercial cloth for cleaning cars, boats, outside windows and more. Whether you chose the Original or the Commercial cloth you can expect the same outcome – superior cleaning results. Using the Holy Moly Cloths you will be able to clean all smooth surfaces including stainless steel, flat-screen TVs, windows, mirrors and more. If you like microfiber cloths you will love the Holy Moly Glass Cleaning cloth!


If you are looking for cleaning options that are simple, cost effective , eco-friendly and a company that truly is committed to their customers, look no further than Holy Moly Concepts #glasscleaningmadesimple

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