Reasons to Buy Instant Electric Hot Water System


It your old heater system breaks down suddenly, you may have to face water running throughout your house which can be quite disturbing.

If your water heater is quite old, it is time to replace it with an instant electric hot water system, before anything untoward happens.

When the old heater bursts or breaks down, you may have to go without hot water for days to come. So it is better to replace it and have peace of mind for the next few years.

There are different types of water heating system in the market and they have their own pros and cons. So while selecting one, don’t forget that hot water system in the house consumes almost 25% or more of your total energy used in the house.

So first review how much energy your old system is consuming and then check the best option. There are chances that you will find a better hot water system than the current one in terms of saving energy, money and one that is perfect to the house environment.

Here are few options that you can compare before you buy your instant electric hotwater system

  1. Gas Water Heater: Gas water heaters are good option if you have gas connection in the house. It may prove cheaper in the long run but compared to instant electric hot water system, it is slower because gas escapes from the vents reducing its speed to heat the water.

People also buy gas heater because gas rates do not vary during the day and it can heat water as required. 135 to 170 water tank for four people is enough to heat water instantly but still the speed cannot be compared with electric water heater.

The installation of gas heaters is expensive compared to electric heaters as you have to lay down extra pipes for gas and ventilation.

  1. Solar Water Heaters: Solar water heaters need solar-collector-panels and just a storage tank to install. On an average 300-360L tank is enough for a family of four but you may need a bigger tank in case there is less sunlight.

If the panels are not installed at a good position, these heaters will not work effectively and you also will need larger area.

There is also provision of a gas or electric booster to heat the water when there is less sunlight, but they are expensive compared to instant electric hot water system and time consuming as well when installing or maintaining.

  1. Electric Water Heaters: An instant electric hot water system is considered the best as it usually comes cheaper and is easy to install as well but you have to run it carefully as it consumes more energy.

You have to run it at that time when the energy bill will be less and install a bigger tank so that the hot water is available throughout the day.

The main benefit of installing electric water heater is that it can be installed indoors as well as outdoors and no extra piping is required for it to be laid.

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