Learn How to Detect a Leak in Your Roof


Even the smallest of leaks can damage your roof and other areas of your home if left unattended, it is important to locate the leak and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Tell-tale Signs

The most common thing you’ll find if you are faced with a leaky roof is water dripping from the ceiling onto the ground. If you aren’t sure about any of the other tell-tale signs, you would benefit from calling a quality roofing company in Ayr to assess the structure. Here are some of the main things a professional will check when investigating a leak.

  • Water stains on your ceiling or walls
  • Dark spots on the exterior of your walls
  • Protruding patches on the exterior walls
  • Warped or missing shingles on the roof
  • Musty smell in some of your rooms

Inspect the Attic

If you think you have a leak in your roof, go up to the attic and check the area with a good flashlight. While you are in the attic, look for noticeable signs of a leak, keep an eye out for things such as:

  • Water stains
  • Mould or fungus
  • Black spots

Check the Roof

The easiest way of checking the roof for leaks is to call a professional, they can safely access your roof using safety equipment. There is no point in putting yourself in danger just to fix a hole in your roof.

An experienced roofer will quickly identify a leak and rectify the problem in no time, your roof will be properly sealed and fully protected.

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