Key implications for when building a new driveway


Driveways are not known for their good looks, exactly. It can seem like there’s not anything you can do to make them pretty, considering their intent, which is basically just getting your car off the ground. But because they’re always at the front of the house, it’s always worth dreaming about ideas for driveway design that can be both functional and stunning. These landscape and driveway design ideas will point you in the right direction from long country drive to street-view city garages to pump up your curb appeal. To learn the rules and considerations that should be integrated into the construction of your current driveway by your contractor or builder. 

Design a drive that is sufficiently wide to accommodate reversing from the road into it. Life is much simpler with a spinning circle or tiny reversing harbor. 

To stop pushing up the soil, a successful builder or contractor may advise on planting trees and shrubs that would not send roots into the driveway. Make sure the current tree roots, water pipes, or wires are not affected during building.

When you drive by them, imagine driveway lights that burst into life. The lighting, emulating bricks, can even be installed into the driveway. For entry across the pavement from the lane, you would require approval for a ‘crossover’. 

If you can create a soak away to keep the water run-off running within your boundaries onto the flower borders, you typically do not need planning permission, so consult with the local council. It allows water to flow right down into the earth by installing permeable paving. 

Both built paving and drainage should be 150mm below the damp-proof course if the slope of the driveway is against the building. Without having planning approval, you can’t run a new drainage scheme through an existing one. For new-build properties, approval is usually needed if you substitute a free drainage area with a hard-standing one.

Pavement driveways are by far the most popular type, whereas concrete and asphalt are three of the most popular and simple driveway options. You can have the surface of the concrete stamped to add colour and contrast if you’re able to pay a bit extra. Another choice is Paver driveways, especially if your aim is to blend your home with a walkway or other hardscaping feature. 

You’ll need to make sure they have experience building the particular style of driveway you’re looking for before contracting a builder to install a driveway. Each form has to be built with unique expertise and experience, and you want to make sure that the contractor you employ knows how to perform the job correctly the first time.

Be sure the prospective contractors have in their formal contracts specific materials and schedules. Lower offers will mean that they intend to overspend on the base, leading to a poorer driveway that will collapse abruptly. Get many bids to evaluate however many bases each driveway contractor recommends for your venture. For North Yorkshire Driveways, check out the services of concrete Imprint Driveways. They’ve got a range of services ready for you.

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