Asphalt overlay and its importance


Asphalt overlay is a type of the paying methods that include applying a new layer of asphalt to the existing deteriorating base layer of asphalt on a driveway, parking lot or road. The new layer would be 1.5 to 3 inches thick depending on the depth of the base surface asphalt that is removed. Asphalt overlaying helps for extending the paved surface, especially when the base of the payment is in good condition without too much damage. But, is not an appropriate alternative to repaying in every case.  The asphalt base surfaces with severe damage like potholes and large cracks should be milled before the application of the overlay.

Important factors to consider when considering the asphalt overlay

When preparing for the asphalt overlay – check for the condition, type, and elevation of the existing pavement. Ensure that the pavement is leveled and cleaned. Make sure that the base pavement is intact, and is capable of bonding with the binding agent in the overlay.  The important factors for overlay include – 

Size – If the parking lot is small, the cost of the overlay would be higher for the preparation work needed to perform the work. 

Milling – Asphalt milling is done to remove the top layer of the asphalt surface. It helps in removing the damaged surfaces with cracks, ravels, and other damages. There should be a minimum of 1-3 inches of the thickness of the asphalt for the overlay. It means that the pavement should be settled for this thickness or milled down to achieve the right thickness. 

Base repair – The amount for milling to make a proper joint for overlaying would be higher if the parking lot is on the flat side. The base of the asphalt surface should be replaced in the areas where the potholes, sinking, and rutting are formed and rebuilt using multiple lifts of aggregate and asphalt.

Cracking – Another important factor to consider when overlaying is the cracking on the existing parking. Due to the effects of the freezing and thawing, the cracks would reflect through the overlay over time. Paving fabrics can be applied to the existing surface to slow this reflective cracking.

Some of the signs that indicate the need for repairing – asphalt overlay, repaving or patching are cracks, uneven payment surfaces, and potholes.

It is best to promptly seal the cracks and potholes to extend the life of your driveway or parking lot. It also helps to prevent these issues from worsening due to changing weather, heavy traffic, and long term usage.

Potholes are hazards to life and damage vehicles. Fixing any defects and damages on a timely basis is vital to avoid any inevitable. The basis patching of the potholes and cracks would not be enough to address the problem it is frequently occurring.

Consider the age of asphalt pavement and the severity of the issues that affect the asphalt driveway, parking lot, and road.  Asphalt overlay is an affordable solution that provides a smoother, consistent result than just filling the potholes and sealing the cracks. You can find more information about it at Central Paving. Asphalt overlay renders the attractive and even appearance along with fixing all the underlying issues causing damage to the driveway.

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