How To Recognize a Gas Leak


Insolvencies happen all the time around the house. There’s always a problem with plumbing, electricity and even gas leaks. Issues such as gas leaks occur more often than you think. If installed properly and used correctly there’s nothing to be afraid of natural gas. If you notice something different in the air and suspect it’s a gas leak, you must evacuate the household immediately. The faster you do this, the minimal risks of health problems. Read more here

Moreover, exposure to a gas leak can cause severe physical symptoms to the body. You risk the lives of your family being poisoned by carbon monoxide. Sometimes a small gas leak is not so easy to notice, but a bigger one will surely be noticeable. The minute you start to see something strange with the air quality, contact 911 or the local fire department. The problem needs to be fixed as quickly as possible so that your house can be free of toxic gas. What better way to solve the issue than contacting experts to deal with it. Here are some of the things that you need to be aware of when a gas leak happens in the house. The minute you see some of them, prepare to evacuate.

The smell of sulfur

If you don’t know how sulfur smells like, you surely know how rotten eggs smell like. It is the exact same smell. That hideous smell can definitely tell if something is wrong. However, natural gas is completely odorless. You can’t smell it. So how can people notice it? Well, a substance called mercaptan is added to the natural gas so that people can detect it immediately. The smell may be rotten, but at least it will warn you that something is wrong. This will give you the chance to act with haste.

The hissing sound of tubes

People are often clueless when it comes to hissing pipes. You may think that this is something normal that pipes do, but that’s not the case. The sooner you start hearing that sound contact an expert to figure out the problem. The quicker you act, the safer your family will be. Never ignore sounds such as those. A pipe usually doesn’t have to hiss. Check as frequently as possible for hissing near the gas line. You can never be too careful. If the problem is caught early, then it won’t do any damage to the house or your family. If you live in the southern area, there are many gas leak Houston repair services offered by different companies which can fix the problem.

Dead plants

If you have a house or an apartment filled with plants, then they can help you detect the problem much faster. Start by noticing the color of the plants. If they start to turn yellow or brown, then something is not right with the air. They can change color very quickly. One day there’re green, the next day they’re slowly dying. This is a clear sign that there might be a gas leak in the room. When the amount of oxygen is reduced, the plants start to wither. The same thing can happen to your loved ones. Shortage of oxygen can cause dizziness and nausea.

Physical symptoms

A gas leakage can cause your body to have symptoms as well. The gas releases carbon monoxide in the air. Carbon monoxide can be poisonous for humans and animals as well. As you inhale it, it builds up in the lungs by replacing oxygen. Being exposed to a lot of this toxin can lead you to your death. The early symptoms are nausea, dizziness, fatigue, headaches and difficulty breathing. Don’t wait for these things to happen. The most initial sign is the smell of sulfur. Once the scent reaches your nose, don’t waste any minute and try to remove your family from the house.

Yellow and orange flames

Whenever you tend to use gas appliances, make sure to notice the color of the fire. As well as the other signs, this can be a clear sign of gas leakage. If there are no problems with the air, then the flame will be blue. This way you’ll know that you’re not in danger. By noticing a yellowish hue from the flame, then something is definitely not right. Gas leaking causes the change of the color. This way you’ll know that the problem can be coming from the actual appliance.

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