How to maintain a garden from succulent plants?


Succulent plants are plants that normally have a thick fat body and mostly grow in very hot and dry conditions.  They are fleshy as they need to retain water since they grow in very dry places. Their leaves are thick and some are protected with spines so that animals cannot break them and use their water.

Succulents are plants that are best grown outside the house since they need a lot of sunlight; also since most succulents are spiny they are not advisable to be grown indoors. Succulent are mostly dormant during winter and it is best not to keep them in the snow. Yet a period of cold is necessary so that they can bloom during spring. Growing succulents are easy and only few points are to be noted to grow a healthy succulent.

Low watering

As succulents as generally a dry plant too much water is not good for them. Watering the succulent rite is a very important part in caring the succulent. We can decide how much water to give the succulent just by seeing the appearance of it; thicker the leaves, the less water it needs. You can water the plant by soaking them once a week and this method is better than light misting them often with water. This way the plant gets more time to dry out. During winter season, since most succulents go dormant, soaking them once in a month is enough.

Using well draining Soil

Since it is already stated that succulents need only less water, it is important to see that the soil used for it is a firstly draining soil. This can be done by adding substances that are porous and light into regular soil. Easily draining is used as the roots can easily dry off between watering cycles.


For a succulent to grow successfully, it needs a lot of sunlight. Morning light from the sun is perfect for succulents as they tend to get sunburn in extremely hot climates. Else taking them inside to the house during extreme heat is advisable.

New plants

Growing new succulent plants is a very easy method. You just take a piece of stem or leaf and keep it in a damp soil. They’ll grow from the small succulent pieces to fully developed succulent female. These are some of the various important points to take care of succulents. For meticulous info, here’s my gardening mentor’s website.

Due to the effect of the global warming the temperature of the earth keep on rising if this continues which leads to huge disaster because we started to lose our basic needs. The first thing is our food because plants will grow naturally at 75 to 85 degrees in sunlight and 60 to 70 degrees at night so that due to changes in temperature the crop doesn’t grow properly. In order to overcome this problem Green house temperature control was introduced to maintain the temperature which is suitable for the plants to grow healthy.

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