How Often Should My Carpets Be Professionally Cleaned?


Carpets are not exactly cheap, and for that reason, you should take good care of them, and while you might vacuum every few days, this will not remove the dirt and grime that becomes ingrained in the carpet fibres. The best carpet cleaning services in Portsmouth recommend an annual deep clean, which ensures the carpet is clean and smells fresh, and by using state of the art equipment, your carpets will be restored to that just installed look.

  1. The Annual Spring Clean – The best time to have your carpets deep cleaned is right after the annual spring clean, which leaves your interior spotless and ready for the summer. Once you choose a weekend to give the home a thorough clean, call the carpet cleaning company and have them arrive just as you finished the clean.
  2. Carpet Stains – No matter how careful you are, spills are going to happen, and should you spill some coffee or red wine, call a carpet specialist immediately, as the sooner the stain can be removed, the easier it will be. Do not try to rub the stain, but you can use absorbent tissue to try and remove as much as possible, and unless you happen to be an expert at removing carpet stains, you should leave it to a professional, who has both the know-how and equipment to remove the stain and restore the carpet to its former glory.

    Regular vacuuming will help keep your carpets clean, and with an annual deep clean, your carpets will provide you with many years of comfort.

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