How Can I Recycle Responsibly?


You may hear people say: “I don’t have time to recycle. It’s a hassle. Our business has some major items to recycle.” But these are all excuses and with a little planning and investment, we can help do our part to save the environment and recycle.

More Than Plastic and Glass

What if you are a business looking to skip hire in Oldbury? There are many options for you. First, did you know that you can often rent skips that hold anywhere from 20 to 440 trash bags? No problem!

Did you know that wood can be recycled? Indeed, it can be shredded. These shreds become chipboards or even some fuels.

Are you aware that metal can be recycled as well? Yes, and metal can be used in large-scale items such as cars. But it also can be part of everyday objects, such as cans for food and beverage products.

What about hardcore materials? Is this possible? Absolutely! Hardcore is often crushed and used as part of aggregate.

And soils? No doubt. We screen soils for that landscaping project that needs to be completed or even for agriculture to grow the necessary products for the food industry.

Odds and Ends

But what if you are a homeowner looking to recycle? Businesses recycle many items that homeowners never think about recycling.

Have an old mattress? It can be recycled too!

What about insulation? Yes, no worries.

Mixed waste? Yes, many recycling centres will take mixed waste as well.

In summary, a good recycling service should be able to help you recycle the following:

  • wood
  • metal
  • hardcore
  • soil
  • mattresses
  • insulation
  • mixed waster

So search for a trusted local business to help you to skip hire and handle waste management and recycling.

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