Helpful Tests to Know Whether Air Sealing Is Needed


As a homeowner, it’s so crucial for you to make your home environment as comfortable as possible. In many cases, your home may not be as pleasant as you would like. Fortunately, there are many ways to address these problems perfectly and make your home environment enjoyable once again. One of the most common home problems that must be fixed immediately is excessive air leakage. Your home may be equipped with different heating and cooling systems, and air leakage and damage the performance and efficiency of these systems. As an expert in air sealing in Toronto explains, your rooms remain uncomfortable, and you should pay for experience utility bills until you seal your home perfectly. Air sealing services are unique for houses with air leakage problems to keep the home always efficient and comfortable. But how can you understand whether air sealing is necessary for your home? Finding the air leakage areas can be too hard, and you may hire a professional energy auditor to find those areas. An experienced energy auditor can perform different tests to give quantifiable results on the severity of the problem and pinpoint the areas that require sealing. Continue to read and learn about these helpful tests.

Comfort Test: Your home should make you feel comfortable during the hot and cold seasons of the year. If you feel cold during the winter or hot during the summer, there is something wrong with your house. In such cases, it’s essential to check for any signs of air leakage and seal them as soon as possible.

Paper Test: Your windows and exterior door are prone to air leakage. So it’s highly recommended to test these areas with a paper. The paper should be inserted between exterior door jambs and closed windows. The paper shouldn’t easily fit in any creases and gaps; otherwise, you need to seal those areas.

Dirt Test: Your attic is one of the most important places you should maintain and check once in a while. Most attics are insulated to keep the houses more comfortable and energy-efficient. If you notice an accumulation of dirt on the surface of your attic insulation, this indicates air leakage problems. Dirt can accumulate in your attic due to air circulation in and out of your home. These dust tracks show you how much it’s necessary to seal your home as soon as possible.

Age Test: It’s obvious that you need to equip your home with air sealing services if it is old and not upgraded.

Smoke Pencil Test: First, you must close all windows and doors and turn all exhaust fans on to reduce your home pressure. Then check for air leakage in the potential areas using a smoke pencil. Seeing the smoke blow away fast can indicate serious air leakage problems.

Flashlight Test: Use a flashlight to shine the light at closed-door jams, windows and other areas at night. If you can see the light inside your home, you should consider air sealing services.

If you want more information, consult an air sealing specialist.

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