Guide To Buy The Best Ceiling Shower Head For Your Bathroom


Even though showering is an integral part of our daily routine, we never want to invest much time for it. If you have a wall mounted shower or a hand held one, you know how tricky it might be to manage time effectively in washing off all the soap and shampoo by going round and round.

In such cases using a ceiling shower head proves to be more time efficient and convenient.

The best shower heads of this kind are available in varied styles of design, make and shape. But since it is an important fixture in your bathroom, you need to consider different factors to choose the perfect one for your home.

Let us take a look at the key factors to look for while buying the best shower head for your bathroom.

  • Flow of water –

The water pressure in your area will determine the type of shower head you select. If the water pressure is low, you need to buy one that comes with different flow regulators to maximise the flow of water. You can also save water by adjusting the regulator accordingly.

  • Finishing –

The finishing of the shower head you buy must match with your bathroom décor. You would never want something that looks out of place. However, if there is high iron content in the water at your area, then metal finishes will pick rust rapidly. Again, plastic ones are inexpensive but that has to match the other fittings in your bathroom.

  • Spray –

Modern shower heads come with adjustable spray patterns. Ceiling showers with a wider spray can be more energy efficient and convenient in taking a shower.

  • Other accessories –

Many ceiling shower heads come with accessories than can be used to lift up or lower the height as per your needs. Filters and anti-scald features are also very useful accessories with modern shower heads.


When you are looking to buy ceiling showers, use these tips. These few simple yet pertinent points can help you easily zero in on the most suitable ceiling showers for your bathroom.

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