Finally Time?: 4 Signs You Want To Divide Your Land


 Land division can be one of the savviest decisions a homeowner can make. There are so many lucrative options for subdividing. You may be looking to capitalise on unused property? Or, perhaps you are looking to build for selling or renting? Whatever the reason, you wouldn’t be reading this piece if it wasn’t something that’s on your mind!

So, if you’ve noticed any of these four obvious subdivision signs, perhaps it’s time to call in the experts:

1. You want to sell a part of your property

The first reason you may be looking for the best land division Adelaide has is for selling. Many homeowners – especially those whose kids have moved out – find that they don’t need all that property. Perhaps there is a part of the property you never visit but that could be put to very good use? Or, perhaps you simply feel like living on a smaller block, as you simply don’t need all that property but you could use the monetary injection?

It is very common for Adelaide homeowners to subdivide for selling purposes. Property ownership is a changing experience: one day you might like having your property and the next you feel like subdividing it. This is a normal part of property ownership and you could build something that makes another family very happy!

2. You want to build for selling/renting

 Perhaps you’re not simply looking to sell a part of your block. Perhaps, instead, you would like to be the one who builds on it. This is another incredibly popular option, especially for those looking to capitalise on the value of a combined block/home! Of course, the time/financial investment is greater than simply selling a portion of property, but the return on investment can be incredibly lucrative.

Of course, it is imperative that you call in professional surveyors for this role. Why? Because they can help ensure that the land is safe and ready for construction. They will survey the portion for any amenities and other elements that could alter a building process.

3. You want to plan your kids’ inheritance

You might be planning your will. Naturally, one of the most important assets in the will is your property. If you are looking to subdivide as part of granting your kids their inheritance you will need a professional surveyor. They will be able to determine the size of each block to ensure it runs in accordance with your will.

4. You are looking to downsize

Of course, you might just be looking to live in a smaller home. You might have woken up one morning and thought, “gee, I’m really doing nothing with all this land”. Perhaps you live in an inner-city area where a young family could really benefit from a convenient home? Or, perhaps you just don’t feel the need for all that space (it can be this simple!).

Whatever your reason, it is imperative that you call in the experts. They can ensure that you downsize in a way that is most suitable for your desired lifestyle whilst helping you capitalise on your investment. They can also ensure that the part of your property you are looking to sell is ideal for investment. This is done through seeking our specific property aspects like drainage, gradients, stop taps and more.

So, if you are looking to subdivide, there is absolutely no reason to avoid calling in a professional surveyor. They will ensure you can invest in this massive decision without too many hurdles.

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