Change Cushion with Current Trends Instead of Buying New Sofa


Cushion can change the complete outlook for your house. Some people believe in keeping their rooms simple and sober and hence, they get plain and simple looking cushion that blends well with the wall paint and furniture. However, those who prefer a trendy look often play with colours. To mix it well with the décor, yet to make it look outstanding, homeowners buy them in different sizes, colours and patterns.

Often sofas come with cushions therefore there isn’t any need to buy new ones. However, after long usage they sag and the fibre inside the cushion breaks or smells due to sweat and moisture. Hence, comes the time to buy new cushions sets, instead of using the same old rag. Often people think that when cushion is damaged, it is time to change sofa, but the fact is that, even changing cushion sets can bring a completely new look to seaters.

There are so many options available online. One doesn’t even need to explore market in scorching heat. Simply by sitting in one place, a person can browse through endless options. No matter what fabric, texture, style, colour or pattern you need, internet world has solution to all your problems. Not just sticking to one online site, but by exploring and comparing various sites also helps you get something within your budget.

Those who aren’t aware of the current trend can also explore online upcoming style and fashion. This helps them stay updated. There was time when to decorate homes, owners needed help of an architect or interior designer. Not everyone can afford a designer. However, people still have right to decorate their house with minimal knowledge and resources. Thus, exploring online and getting updated with current trend helps in getting knowledge about many things. Even by thoroughly going through web pages one can know how to well decorate homes.

To help you better we have some information of different kinds of cushion sets provided in the market –

  • Foam cushion
  • Spring down cushion
  • Down push cushion

Foam cushion

It’s the most commonly used cushion which contains high density foam which is covered with layers of soft foam. This makes it comfortable to sit on. The entire foam is wrapped in polyester. This configuration provides firm seat which is wrinkle free. It springs back automatically after you get up from your place hence, there isn’t any maintenance required.

Spring down cushion

The core of this cushion has springs in it which is covered or sealed in a foam box. The foam protects a person from getting hurt from the spring. Although there is spring in it, but when you sit on it, it feels soft. Although it is a fluffy cushion, you need to rotate it frequently upside down to keep it fluffy.

Down push cushion

It’s a luxurious cushion that is very thin because it is made of thin foam that is sealed in polyester fibre. It can be used as a pillow due to its thinness. However, it also requires a lot of maintenance as it doesn’t push back after someone gets up after sitting on the cushion. You will have to restore its shape by fluffing it a bit.

Just buying cushions of different fabric doesn’t complete your shopping. You still need to get covers that also needs to be comfortable –

  • Try buying natural fibre which is safe and doesn’t contain any synthetic, allergens or chemical in it. Even if there isn’t any person in your house who has sensitive skin, you still have guests coming in, hence getting natural and organic cover is better.
  • If your budget is limited, then you can go for mixed fibre where cotton is mixed with polyester or nylon. This makes it reasonable, washable and durable as well.

Cushion brings style and comfort at home. Even if you have small room, you can still explore with different shapes and sizes to make it look stunning. Don’t overstuff your room, but do complement it with the surrounding.


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