7 Roofing Sorts to Build Your Home Amazingly


Roofs serve a lot more than the basic purpose of protecting you and your house from externals factors such as rain, snow, and natural calamities etc. The shape of a roof plays an essential role in creating the overall look of your home. Today, we will discuss various kinds of roofing systems to make your house attractive. We will also share material needed for all roofing types.   

1. Gable Roof

Gable roofs are quite famous in the United States. You can easily recognize them because of a triangular shape. This design is easy to build and cheap than other kinds of complicated designs. They provide more ventilation and space. You can use asphalt shingles, cedar shakes and metal etc. to make gable roof.

2. Hip Roof

Four slopes make up a hip roof. All 4 are of equal length, they are constructed together to form a bridge on top. Hip roofs are more durable than the previous kind. Due to a hip roof, there is no chance that snow or wind enters your house. Slant present shed all the snow and standing water. Tiles, shingles or metal are suggested for making the hip roof.

  1. Flat Roof

These kinds of roofs appear to be totally flat. Nonetheless, to drain the water, a slight pitch is made. You will see several buildings with a flat roof but residential areas also use this type of roof. You can place heating and cooling units. You can further make a garden here. You can use tar and gravel, metal sheets, and rubber membrane for the creation of this specific roof.

4. Butterfly Roof

Butterfly roof is made by two tandem pieces. These are tangled up on outer side; whereas the midsection is angled in a descending position. This is where the two pieces meet in a valley, hence giving the house, the shape of butterfly wings. Usage of metals, organic materials, and solar panels is suggested in construction.

5. Curved Roof

Curved roofs are considered a very modern and unique design. Amount and size of the curve can vary. Some houses use curved while some have the arch as well. The best material for this is metal, as you can shape and bend the metal of your choice. In addition to this, you will not need a large amount of money for maintenance.

  1. Pyramid Roof

Pyramid roof is similar to the hip roof. All 4 slopes meet at the top. You will not notice any vertical sides. These are highly recommended if you want to live in a small cabin or bungalows. But, you can use them if you are willing to make a pool or garage inside. This category easily stops the high wind from coming into your house.

7. Combination Roof

Combination roof is constructed by using multiple types of roofs. You can add beauty to your house by using all architectural kinds of the roof for every section. Take time to decide which roof will suit the area you live in.    

We hope this article will help you to understand the roofing system thoroughly. Now you have to decide which type of roof will be perfect for your home.

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