4 Tips to Keep Your Home Warm All Year Round


There is nothing worse than coming home from a long day at work to a cold house. Even if you have timed the central heating to come on in good time, you might still be wondering why you find yourself layering up on the sofa every evening. It is useful to make use of your central heating in the colder winter months, but this isn’t financially viable for months on end. Consistently turning up the dial too will not get us any closer to reducing our carbon emissions. If you’d like to learn to keep your home warm in other ways than watching money draining away on your smart meter each week, consider the four tips discussed in this article.

Get your roof repaired

Did you know that around 25% of all heat in any home is lost via the roof? This is especially the case if you’ve not had your roof repaired or replaced for some time. It is advised that you get a specialist to travel out to your home to look at your roof. From this, they will be able to tell you if there’s an issue and provide you with information about how to get it fixed. The answer may be as simple as needing new loft insulation and perhaps cavity wall insulation. Consider contacting Midlothian roofing companies in your local area for advice and quotes.

Place your furniture wisely

Your roof is in great condition and you have lately replaced your insulation – so why is your home still bitter cold? What people don’t often realise is that furniture placement around your home can make a huge difference in how your hot your rooms get. For example, many people place their sofas, beds and cabinets in front or next to radiators. This is not a great idea as it blocks the hot air from escaping the radiator and filling the room. You may think that you’ll become hotter if you are closer to the radiator while sleeping or watching T.V., but you’ll reap the benefits even more if you keep the space clear.

Replace your windows

Another thing to consider keeping your house warm is replacing your windows. Long gone are the days of single glazed windows as most houses now have double or even triple glazing. This added layer of glazing serves as a fantastic feature to keep the heat inside the house. As well as this, replacing your windows also increases the value of your home and will, in turn, improve your energy efficiency as you’re not consistently having to turn up the heating. Some windows even attract sunlight which allows more heat to naturally enter your home.

Invest in home décor

A final idea to keep the heat in your is that of home décor. More specifically, interior designers recommend heavier curtains to block out any drafts from your window or door seals. Do your research and make your space work for you!

Follow these tips to keep your home warm all year round.

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