4 Tips for Renovating Your Home on a Budget


With the recent popularity of home improvement reality series, it may look like something anybody who owns a hammer and a nail gun can do. However, home renovation can be quite the undertaking, and this becomes especially apparent when trying to adhere to a tight budget.It doesn’t have to be an uphill battle, though. By knowing certain things such as when not to DIY and employing long term cost saving renovations such as modern lighting, you can make all of your renovation dreams come true with minimal compromise. Here are four tips for renovating your home on a budget.

1. Know When to Hire a Pro

While certain home renovation shows can make even some of the most complex renovation tasks look simple, the fact is that attempting a complicated renovation you don’t have experience with couldin fact end up costing you time and even more money than your already strict budget can allow.

Unless you’re a qualified tradesperson in these areas, always hire a professional for anything to do with electrical, plumbing or complex structural work. Knowing your limitations doesn’t mean you have to walk away with a bruised ego though, as employing professionals to work on your renovation gives you the opportunity to pick up a few helpful hints and trade secrets that you might be able to utilise in future renovation work.

2. Get Your Family and Friends Involved

Speaking of hiring professionals, it’s highly likely that you already know some in the form of your friends and family. Qualified tradespeople will usually take any opportunity to use their skills in order to help out their close friends and family, even if it means sacrificing the odd weekend here and there. There are also other easy jobs such as painting, basic landscaping and furniture assembly that even your other non-trade qualified friends and family can help with. Overall, getting your loved ones involved in your renovation is one of the best excuses for everybody to get together and is sure to create lasting memories for all.  

3. Renovate for Long Term Savings

When renovating on a budget, you may primarily be thinking of ways that you can save money in the present. But by planning ahead, you can renovate to save money long into the future. Some simple long term renovations such as the installation of solar panels and modern lights such as LEDs are simple to implement and will continue to save you money the entire time you’re occupying your home.

4. Set Expectations and Compromise When Needed

When you have your heart set on a specific material, appliance or assortment of modern lights, it can be difficult to use your rational mind and say “no” to things that will push you over budget. The reality is that sometimes you will need to simply set your expectations when renovating on a budget.  An easy way to do this is to write out a list of “must-haves” and “nice to haves”. That way, you know that when you’re compromising on something or pushing for something that could be more expensive, either decision can be instantly justified or fairly rejected.

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