3 Ways To Help Your Elderly Loved One Make Their Living Space More Modern


For most people, style can often get stuck in the past. Both for clothing and home decor, many people find a style that they like when they are young and just stick to it for the rest of their lives. But as you age, your needs might change. However, if you don’t know how to adapt, you might find that those needs are going unmet.

If this sounds like the life of an older adult in your life, it might be time for you to help them coming into the current year. To see how this can be done, here are three ways to help your elderly loved one make their living space more modern. 

Replace The Flooring

Flooring is one thing that usually needs to be replaced far more often than it actually is. Especially for people with pets or who are particularly hard on their flooring, replacing the flooring can make a huge difference in their entire home.

For older people, it can often seem hard to find a balance between a flooring that’s going to be compatible with things like wheelchairs and walkers while also being comfortable to tread on. While many assisted living communities and other facilities have all hard floors, this usually isn’t necessary in a home. Rather, you should try to find a flooring that will be slip-resistant while also staying true to your loved one’s style. So if this means using small tiles on the floor in the bathroom or kitchen, that’s perfect. 

Introduce House Plants

In many modern spaces, plants and other greenery play a big role in interior design. So if your loved one doesn’t already have a plant at home, this could be a great place to start in making their home appear more modern. 

Not only can plants be aesthetically beautiful in any home, but having a plant in the home of your elderly loved one can also give them something to care for and nurture. This could be very helpful if your loved one is feeling a little bit like an empty nester. 

Get Functional Storage Space

As people age, they tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. For many older people, this can mean a home that looks and feels very cluttered. But for safety purposes, clutter is something that should be avoided for the elderly.

If your loved one’s home is more cluttered than it should be, one way you can help them clean up their space and make it look more modern is to get some functional storage space. Additions like floating shelves, hutches, and furniture with built-in storage could all be great ways to control the clutter for a more modern look

If you’re wanting to help your eldelry loved one live in a more modern and functional space, consider using the tips mentioned above to help them make some meaningful changes. 

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