3 Things That Your Local Roofer Will Check For When He Is Up There.


The weather patterns in the United Kingdom have changed dramatically over the past years and while we do get better and hotter summers, we also get winters that bring extreme weather to our neighbourhoods. Snow has become a little more frequent and we are experiencing high winds and storms on a more regular basis. Thankfully, we have our homes to protect us and the all-important roof on top to protect the home. However, the roof is taking a lot more abuse now from flying debris like branches and damage is becoming more commonplace.

To combat this, we have professional roofing services in Wakefield and these companies can provide all the services that you need to keep your roof in good shape and able to stand up to the UK weather. Here are some of those services.

  1. The guttering, fascia and soffits all need attention throughout the year and because of the constant wet weather here, screws, bolts and brackets all tend to rust and come loose. Your roofer will attend to these.
  2. Algae and moss tends to build up on your roof and this means damp retention on your roof. To get rid of this, your local roofer can power hose the roof and get it clean again.
  3. Roof tiles and slates come loose during storms and you can hear them rattling when they do. Your local roofer will put them back into place and replace when necessary.

Your roof needs to be checked at least once every year and after every strong storm that is experienced. Preventative maintenance is the key.


















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