What’s the best way to clean ultrasonic window blinds?


Using an ultrasonic blind cleaning machine can make all the difference and save you long hours of frustration. And in case you’ve never used it before, here are the steps on cleaning your window blinds with an ultrasonic cleaning machine.

  • Dust, Dust, Dust

You need to start by dusting your blinds. You don’t want to add them to the machine with dust on them. So, start with using just a simple duster or a rag to get all of those big pieces off and those spider webs lurking around.

  • Cleaning

After you have removed all those dust, you can now clean your blinds with the ultrasonic machine. Remember to use an ultrasonic blind cleaner which is large enough for your blinds and prevent it from being damaged or bending when trying to fit them in.

Add water to the ultrasonic cleaner. Then add a cleaning solution to the water. Next, place the blinds in the holder which comes with the ultrasonic blind cleaner. These are usually made to fit inside but may also allow your blinds to be submerged entirely.

Place the holder inside the machine. If the water is not high enough in order to submerge the blinds completely, you need to fill it up with water further.

Also, make sure that you check the machine instructions as wells as the blinds’ material so that you know how long you should keep the blinds inside the machine. Set the time and wait for it to finish.

  • Drying

Once the machine finishes cleaning your blinds, you will need to drain the water. Don’t remove the blinds and let it sit inside the machine for at least 30 minutes. This should help remove excess water.

Find an appropriate place to hang those blinds for drying. You can use a clothesline or a drying rack or you can just leave them out of a table, flipping them over a few times until they are completely dry.

Depending on the material of the blinds, it could take a few minutes to hours and even days. Once dry, you can put it back on your windows.

Take Note:

You need to keep in mind that only one set of blind can be cleaned at a time, even if you can fit more into the machine. Also, the soap can change depending on the material of the blinds and prevent damage during the cleaning process.

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