What Are the Reasons to Choose Linen Covers?


Linen is the best available option to consider when you are looking for a high-quality duvet cover. It is known for its breathability and coolness that makes it the most beautiful duvet to sleep on. Let us see the benefits the linen cover offers that makes it superior to other type of duvet covers.

Popular linen based duvet cover

We are providing you some of the popular linen quilt covers present in the market. Due to the remarkable properties of linen, these duvet covers are widely appreciated by people all across the globe.

Soft Hand Washed Linen Based Duvet Cover

This linen cover is manufactured by a rigorous dyeing procedure that takes nearly one day to get completed. It creates around 4 elegant color options to choose from. Made with linen fabric, users would find it silky smooth and soft. Manufacturers of this duvet cover recommend its users to wash it before using it, as this will make it a lot more comfortable.

Linen Based Duvet Cover

This duvet cover is woven from a special type of flax that is only manufactured in Portugal. Also, it is dyed in small slots. This linen duvet cover is simply luxurious pick available at a reasonable cost.

This cover is available in several trendy neutrals to choose from. This includes fog gray, white, and blush. The cover of this linen duvet cover is simply timeless and sophisticated. In all, it is a great addition to your bedroom.

Frette Purity Linen Based Duvet Cover

If the area where you live is pretty humid and hot, then this linen duvet cover would be the best choice for you. You are really going to admire the coolness, superior quality of this cover each and every night. This duvet cover is made in Italy. It is light in weight, and breathable duvet that comes from the leading luxury bedding firms.

Distinctive properties of choosing a linen duvet cover:

  • Linen is hypoallergenic in nature. You would not find any bugs like “house mites” in duvet covers made up of linen. That makes it the most suitable for those who have an allergy towards insects and mites.
  • Linen has the ability to absorb a lot of moisture. It prevents the dust to become damp. This is really nice, for the ones who have a tendency to sweat during their sleep.
  • Linen has this special property that makes a person feel cooler during summer season and warm during winter.
  • The more you wash the linen fabric, the more comfortable and softer it becomes. So, the manufacturer of linen duvet cover advises people to wash their fabric before they dive into it.
  • It is not needed to iron your linen fabric. Removal of wrinkles is pretty much easier and simpler than in case of a cotton made duvet cover.
  • When it comes to strength and durability, linen beats every other fabric used in the manufacture of duvet covers. It is observed to be three times stronger as compared to cotton. So, they last for a longer time and you derive comfort from it for a longer term!
  • Another important thing is that the production of linen fabric is far more sustainable.
  • Linen fabric is available in various different captivating colors to choose from. They are sustainably produced and have beautiful quality. Linen fabrics for duvet covers are also inexpensively priced.


Without proper understanding, finding the right duvet cover will never be an easy decision. All the above-mentioned benefits of linen covers make it the best choice among all the other available duvet covers in the market. So, the next time when you are in search for a duvet cover, prefer linen over any other fabric.

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