What Are The Dangers Of Neglecting Your Chimney?


Many homes have chimneys not only because they are a beautiful centerpiece for many living rooms, but also because they are functional for keeping the home warm. However, how often do you think about or take care of your chimney? It is very common for many people to neglect maintaining their chimneys, however, it can be a very serious issue. Getting annual chimney inspection is very crucial to ensure the safety of your home and health. To learn more about why you should get a chimney inspection done every year, here are the dangers of neglecting your chimney.


All kinds of firewood will leave creosote behind in the fireplace and in the chimney itself. Creosote is highly flammable, therefore a lot of this build up can easily cause a chimney fire that could get out of control. To avoid getting this, you must have your chimney cleaned yearly to take out the creosote residue in the chimney.

Things in the Chimney

You would be surprised at how much stuff can actually be residing in your chimney. For instance, birds, dead or alive, could be living in your chimney. Other build up or obstructions can also be stuck up in your chimney. If you use your fireplace while these obstructions are still there, you can create very deadly fumes that you and your family would be inhaling. These fumes are toxic and can cause you to have serious health issues. Similar to the creosote issue, simple chimney inspection and cleaning every year can keep this problem from happening.

Not as Efficient

Once all the creosote and soot build up in your chimney, it’s definitely not going to be as efficient as it could be. The point of the chimney is to provide drafting. Without that drafting, the fire will not be as efficient, which wastes all of the firewood that you would be burning. Additionally, the fumes and smoke could enter your home rather than get out of your home because of the build-up, which as mentioned earlier could cause some serious health issues and hazards in the home.

Flue Corrosion

The byproducts of combustion and flue sustain are naturally very acidic. Therefore, it can easily eat at masonry and metal, which can make corrosion occur. If you allow corrosion to keep happening, it can create holes and cracks in the chimney and fireplace. These damages can cause serious hazards to your home, not to mention allow potentially lethal drafting enter your home because of the holes. This is why you should have your chimney cleaned and inspected yearly to make sure nothing has corrosion.

It is very important that you keep your chimney in check before lighting it up during the colder months. You never know what could be lying inside the chimney that could hurt you or your home. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you get your chimney cleaned and inspected as soon as possible to enjoy your fireplace safely and efficiently.

A neglected chimney spells trouble for homeowners. JCS Home Services can do a chimney inspection for you. Contact us today!

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