Should You Paint Over Rotted Wood?


You might think that painting over trim pieces in your home that have some mold or rot is an easy way to fix the problem. While this may solve the visual aspect of the problem, it won’t address the underlying problems and could make it worse. Most structural damage to your home can be dealt with by “out of sight, but out of mind”.

We have listed some reasons dark spots and damaged wood can’t be painted over in this article. While it may seem fine to ignore wood damage, there are serious consequences. Understanding these issues and how they should be addressed will help you identify the problem and fix it instead of trying to cover it up.

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You may have termites if you notice cracked or damaged wood around your home, including fences and gates. If they’re allowed to live in your home, termites can cause severe damage to the structure of your house. The best way to eliminate termites is to locate their epicenter and get rid of them so that they don’t spread and cause damage to your foundation, walls, and subfloors.

It is not only inefficient to paint over termite damage, but it can also pose a legal problem. An inspector will not be able to determine if you have just covered up the termite damage with paint if you plan on selling your house. The home may not be eligible for sale until the damage has been repaired, which could prove to be very costly.


Wood can be easily split and rotted by moisture. A new coat of paint won’t fix it. Water can soak into the wood and cause it to expand, swell, or even deteriorate. Painting over the problem will not fix it. It will only make it worse. Paint won’t stick to wet or damaged wood so it won’t look great when you paint it over.

Paint can protect your home from the wet weather but it won’t solve the problem if moisture has already soaked into the wood. There is a good chance that your house has moisture rot. Before you paint an area, make sure the leak is repaired and it doesn’t cause more wood rot.


Mold can grow if moisture is left to sit for too long. If mold isn’t removed promptly and properly, it can cause serious health problems. Mold problems in homes can cause lung irritation, allergy, asthma, and other health issues. Painting over mold should not be done. Painting over mold will only agitate the spores and make them grow elsewhere in your house.

We have already explained why it is not a good idea to paint over damaged or rotten wood. Here is another suggestion. Get in touch with St.Pete Home Painters to assess the damage and offer suggestions for how to repair it. St.Pete Home Painters’s service technicians are skilled in identifying the cause of wood damage and can recommend the best way to repair it. We will help you navigate the process so that your home and family are secure for many years.

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