Release the Interior Designer in You With These Home Renovation Trends


The COVID-19 pandemic that caused lockdowns, travel restrictions, and more people staying at home has created several trends for people to cope with the stress of these problems. One of these trends is the home renovation trend that suddenly skyrocketed that 57% of homeowners living in the U.S. were doing some form of redecoration, designing, or renovation to their houses.

Suddenly, the home renovation businesses were packed with shoppers purchasing products like gardening supplies, renovation tools, bedsheets, and paint and employing services like custom sheet metal fabrication. This demand is good news for the industry, especially as 71% of the people renovating their houses are planning on continuing making their homes look and feel homier even if lockdowns are over for the most part.

Which Trend Should You Follow?

For the homeowners who are part of the 43% who haven’t done any home renovations yet, it’s time to consider that it isn’t just a trend but also something that will benefit your well-being. It also increases your house’s market value if you end up selling it in the future. If you’re suddenly into the trend and want to catch up as quickly as you can, then here are some of the most popular home renovation trends you should look into:

1. Home Theater

Going to the cinema is one of the most common activities people used to enjoy without the anxiety of getting infected by COVID-19. But since many cinemas had to shut down temporarily and indefinitely, many film lovers had to find ways to cope and find the next best thing to a cinematic experience; thus, the home theater installation that many people did.

Installing a home theater is easy, and the first thing you need to do is plan if you want to do it in your living room or bedroom. Then, you wouldn’t want to settle for your TV no matter how big it is; getting a projector and some good speakers will give you the cinematic experience you need. Getting dark, thick curtains, a projector sheet, and painting your walls black will also give you a more cinematic feel. For some finishing touches, you can also get some bean bags or accent chairs so that you will feel more comfortable watching your movies.

Now, you can watch Netflix shows and films and feel like you’re out for a day at the cinema in the comforts of your home. Getting some popcorn will also add to the home theater mood.

2. Green Thumb Corner

Besides the pandemic, there are other crises that people have become more aware of in recent years: the climate crisis. Of course, as the world is heating up and causing hotter summers and more natural catastrophes, it’s impossible to continue ignoring this problem. Thus, as the home renovation became trendier, many homeowners saw it as an opportunity to do some gardening, plant some trees, and grow their food. Gardening may seem like a small step in the fight against climate change, but it is significant enough, as trees can help keep the air clean, absorb carbon dioxide, and reduce temperature.

Gardening has many benefits that can help reduce your stress and give you some much-needed vitamins, which can help reduce the risks of getting serious illnesses like cancer, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and more. Not to mention, it will also add to your house’s overall aesthetic.

3. Work-From-Home Makeover

If you didn’t need to work from home, did you really go through a pandemic? Unless you’re an essential worker who still had to work in hospitals, in supermarkets, pharmacies, and on the road, then you probably did some remote work during the lockdowns. This new normal of working has prompted many people to turn some corners of their homes into a work-from-home sanctuary where they can be productive while doing work-related tasks in the middle of their Zoom calls.

More people became conscious of how their rooms appear on Zoom calls as these places used to be private places, but now it’s available for your entire office to see through your laptop’s camera. But it allowed many people to get creative in making their rooms into a nicer-looking backdrop for their Zoom meetings, so it is still a trend that you should follow.

Turn Your House Into a Sanctuary

Even if these crises happening worldwide feel too much sometimes, some good is still coming out of it. If you look at the bright side, you can make the most of it by turning your house into a place that you will love to be locked down in.

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