Project Management – How to Choose the Right Individual


Selecting the right team or individual to manage your project is essential for the success of your development. Business owners, entrepreneurs and investors should know exactly what they are looking for when picking a company to manage their next project. There is often a lot of money involved in the development, so getting the right person is crucial. Project management in Crawley is carried out by experienced surveyors, the best companies offer first-class services, specialising in all kinds of things, such as:

  • Contract Administration
  • Quantity Surveying and Cost Consultancy
  • Contract and Procurement Advice
  • Monitoring and Coordination
  • Health and Safety Aspects

A leading project management service will closely oversee your entire project using benchmarking and key performance indicators to meet each objective and goal.

Here are some important points to consider when choosing a project manager.

Table of Contents

Track Record

How many projects have they successfully delivered in the past? Are those projects similar to the one you’re currently invested in? Find out the type and size of the project they’ve managed and see what kind of budget they were working with.


Certain companies will specialise in specific types of projects, so make sure you choose one which suits your needs. Some will ply their trade in construction, while others will have experience in IT delivery, so select a team for your industry.


You’ll want to be confident that the team you choose possess the right qualifications and methodology to get the job done the way you want it to be done. Ask about their training and level of experience.

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