Mice Are Not That Terrifying


Mouse Phobia

Fear of mice, known as musophobia, is really disproportionate to the level of threat presented. After all, they are just a few inches long and will be a lot more scared of you than you are of them, when you come into contact with them. Their natural instinct is to run as far away from you, as quickly as possible, because they sense that we wish to do them harm. The fear some people suffer is commonly a combination of being startled by something scurrying about, when you had not expected it, combined with a socially induced conditioned response. Cartoons showing a woman standing on a chair screaming are a bigger influence than you might think, though women are around twice as likely to be scared of them compared with men, though this is generally true across all phobias.

There are articles online that will give you further reasons on why you should not be scared of mice, other than what are listed below.

Mice Infestations

Mice are prolific breeders and a couple of them can quickly become a veritable army, who will munch on pretty much anything in their path. Destroying family heirlooms is not wilful on their behalf, they are simply obeying their natural instincts, but their potential to do damage may be an influencing factor in our feelings towards them. Wild mice living in the home is obviously not a situation that can be allowed to go unchecked, though there are a variety of options available to deal with it, without resorting to killing them all.

Understanding A Mouse

The mouse is a wonderful example of nature, which has a great deal more in common with us, than we might notice at first look. Their markings are as unique as each humans face, their bodily functions are the same as ours and they have the ability to convey emotion. Despite our association with mice for pestilence and disease, they are actually pretty clean creatures, which have very strong maternal instincts, and arrange their surroundings to meet their needs, much as we lay out furniture for our own comfort.

Dealing With Mice

Often our first reaction upon discovering there are mice in the house is to trot off to the local store and buy poison, with which to kill them. There are though a few drawbacks to this solution, which include the possibility of accidental poisoning of our pets or small children, who tend to stick anything they find straight into their mouths. There is also the possibility of very bad smells emanating from rotting corpses, in places we are unable to reach. As you will discover if you drop by Pest Free USA, electronic options are available to humanely persuade the mice to depart of their own volition. Simple plug-in devices create electromagnetic pulses, which cause immense auditory distress to all manner of pests. Akin to a siren wailing away continuously, pests will leave to find a more comfortable environment.

Dealing With Your Phobia

Our phobia, or lack of it is likely to strongly influence how we feel about seeing mice. Once you get past being startled by a mouse running across the floor unexpectedly, there really is not much to be scared of. They are not coming for you, or planning your destruction, and while not welcome house guests, how you view them will have an impact on your fears.

There is really no rational reason to be scared of a mouse, and persuading them to move is easier than ever before.

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