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It is well established that like simple blinds, plantation shutters act as a barrier between your window and room.

Plantation shutters not only offer you the privacy to your home, provide insulation or control temperature but also make rooms of your home an attractive and high-end livable space.

For making plantation shutters, various materials are used but you wish to install the best from aesthetic, durability and functional point of view, nothing can match beauty and performance of timber plantation shutters.

There are many companies like Fantastic Blinds and Shutters dealing in window blinds and high-quality and versatile  timber plantation shutters Melbourne.

Best timber plantation shutters

Best timber plantation shutters Melbourneis made from woods like:

  • Basswood
  • Alder
  • Poplar
  • Kiri

In addition , you may also have timber plantation shutters made from versatile and durable  Canadian Western Red Cedar wood. You may also install Paulownia or Paulownia Rustic Timber Plantation Shutters Melbourne as well.

The benefits of Timber Plantation Shutters

Timber plantation shutters are preferred choice of people for installation in their homes, offices or commercial establishments as timber not only offers the natural beauty but also is capable of creating an overwhelming aura in the space.

Timber plantation shutters add beauty, bring warmth and produce a touch of class to the room.

Despite availability of  so many high-tech building materials, wood always emerges as the choicest material for construction of homes, furniture, doors and windows as well as window coverings and furnishings.

A vast majority of people prefer timber plantation shutters as they are:

  • Inherently strong, lightweight , and graceful
  • Capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, and weather elements
  • Known for durability and longevity, being natural organic material timber is long lasting
  • Known to provides adequate protection from UV exposure and hence timber plantation shutters protect colors of interior furnishing from fading.
  • Available in variety of shapes, sizes and colors and can be installed in different colors matching color scheme of interior of your house

Timber plantation shutters when properly painted with water based non-toxic paints that are low in VOC offer safer and healthier inside environment for elderlies, children, pets as well as residents with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases like Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis or some other respiratory disorders.

These timber plantation shutters are more energy efficient as timber is an excellent natural insulatorand can help maintain the inside heat during the colder months.

At the same time, good quality timber plantation  allows efficient control of amount of sunlight entering your home during sunny day in the hot summers.In addition, the shutters are considered more environmentally friendly being recyclable and biodegradable.

However, installing the best quality timber plantation shutters Melbourne might cost you a bit more than other plantation shutters.

Yet while considering various benefits like superiority, durability, increase in aesthetic appeal besides more efficient temperature control and insulation; investing additional money on installation of timber plantation shutters is worth it to add grace, character, and give a boost to the interiors of your home.

Should you require to replace or install new timber plantation shutterstrust the quality and experience of Fantastic Blinds and Shuttersleaders in plantation shutters in Melbourne.

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