Indoors Can Be Unsafe Too: How Indoor Air Pollution Affects Your Kids


Just because your kids are staying indoors 24/7 during this pandemic doesn’t mean they’re already safe. You might be staying in to prevent them from contracting the coronavirus. But, you might not know, your kids might be contracting other bacteria indoors that may be risky for their health. And before you know it, your kids may already be developing some respiratory problems.

This might surprise you, but not only outdoors can you get air pollution. There is such a thing as indoor air pollution, and it might be present in your own home. And as parents, you wouldn’t want your kids to breathe air pollutants every day.

What causes air pollution at home?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality is the quality of the air within any structure. Indoor air quality is crucial to the health of its occupants. If indoor air quality is bad due to pollutants, it can have immediate or long-lasting health effects on a person.

Immediate effects include headaches and dizziness. The person can also feel tired and feverish. He or she can also experience eyes, nose, and throat irritation. Meanwhile, long-term adverse effects may include respiratory problems, heart disease, and in the worst cases, cancer.

Poor indoor air quality is a result of the contamination of pollutants. These are brought about by poor ventilation, high temperature, and high humidity levels. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, the most common source of pollutants can be found at home.

These include fuel-burning combustion appliances such as gas ranges, ovens, fireplaces, stoves that use coal, and space heaters. Pollutants also include household disinfecting materials. So, make sure that you limit the use of these when your kids are around. Take your kids away from newly installed floorings or upholstery. Limit the use of furniture made of specific pressed products.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can also be a source of pollution if they are not well-maintained. This is why it is important to inspect your appliances regularly. Experts also recommend having your air ducts cleaned by professionals. Also, don’t smoke if you have kids in the area as it will be bad for their health.

These pollutants are so easy to go unnoticed when you go by your day-to-day tasks. You can easily dismiss a problematic aircon. You can always delay the repair and maintenance of defective fuel-burning combustion appliances. But, if you are not mindful of these pollutants, the health of your kids is on the line.

Keep the pollutants away

According to the American Lung Association, reducing air pollution is beneficial to the health of children. A Southern California Children’s Health study proved that the condition of children who suffered from coughing, phlegm, and congestion improved as the air quality improved. The study shows how good air quality had improved the growth of their lung function, which essentially, extended their life years.

Otherwise, if your kids continue to live in a house that is exposed to pollutants, they may suffer from bronchial problems that would affect not only their physical health but also their overall well-being.

So, as parents, what should you do to keep your kids from air pollutants at home? Here are some things to take note of when cleaning your house:

  • Keep your children away from toxic disinfecting materials. Throw away all products that contain hazardous chemicals. Use products that are children-friendly to prevent any respiratory problems. If in case you need to store disinfecting materials, keep them away from the reach of your children.
  • Manage humidity levels inside your homes up to 50%. Buy a dehumidifier and place them in areas where your kids usually stay. Make sure to clean them and change your filters regularly.
  • Clean stuff at home regularly. Throw away food and trash that would invite pests. This is not only to prevent odor and air contamination. This is also to keep your kids from bacteria and viruses that may lead to illnesses. Also, avoid using candles to eliminate odors. Clean all areas with mild disinfecting soap to keep your house from unwanted odors.
  • Do not smoke indoors. Aside from the fact that it’s not good for your health, you will be endangering your kids’ lungs as they second smoke.

Health experts have always recommended staying indoors to keep your family safe during the pandemic. This is a reminder, too, to keep your families safe indoors by keeping the air quality clean. Proper ventilation is key to making sure the air we breathe is clean and safe from any viruses. You wouldn’t want to put your lives at risk just because of poor indoor air quality, right?

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