If You Need Gutters Cleans Ned Stevens’ Company Will Give You A Good Estimate


Connecticut residents are aware what to do after a winter of freezing weather. In the middle of winter, temperatures usually never rise above freezing. Add the ice and the snow snuggling to every type surface, these temperatures can take a grave toll on your gutters of your house. Connecticutians have the industry standard set by Ned Stevens to help. Because they know you really do not want to get your ladder out in below freezing weather and do it yourself. 

About Us

Since 1965, Ned Stevens has been doing the CT gutter cleaning service for homeowners across the nation. They have set the standard for this industry and continue to offer customers full inspection and cleaning every time they visit any home.


Maintaining gutters correctly is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your home’s beauty as well as its value. Located in Connecticut and 10 other states, this company offers all the important pieces for gutter maintenance and to keep your home safe.

Our Guarantee

They believe in providing the very best service possible to their customers across the nation. Because of this, alltheir work is totally guaranteed. Due to the danger of this work, they carry workers compensation as well as liability insurance. After all, their employees are on ladders every day. They want to keep them protected and serving the Connecticut communities year-round. 


This state is beautiful and is in the southern New England area. With a mixture of cities on the coast as well assmall, rural towns, Connecticut has something unique to offer all its residents.

Compare bids

Ned Stevens will find you up to 4 gutter pros that focus in your project type – in less than 24 hours. That means you can compare cleaning estimations side by side without having to call several gutter pros yourself. They don’t charge anything for this service. Their cleaning estimate service is 100% free. They do not ask for any financial information and you can use them as often as needed. There are no obligations. They will find your qualified gutter cleaning professionals that meet your needs, but if you are not completely satisfied with the estimates provided, you are not under any obligation to continue. No other company offers this service.

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