How to Upgrade your Garden with Bamboo


Your garden deserves the right amount of attention as your home. But, if it has lost the beauty it once held, you might also have lost the pleasure to lounge in it.

The love you once had for your garden seems to have fallen out completely, along with the change of the seasons and the passing of time. Even when you want to give it its much-needed makeover, you don’t think hiring a landscape architect is practical.

If that’s the case, you need to learn the best tips on how you can upgrade your space using bamboo – a versatile and functional perennial that that is readily available and far more affordable than most traditional ones.

Landscaping with Bamboo

Bamboo, either as a live plant or furniture, lends a laid-back atmosphere to your garden. It isn’t only refreshing to the eyes, it’s also considered a sustainable option that has the ability to thrive in various weather conditions.

Here, House of Bamboo, a leading provider of privacy screen solutions in Australia, lists 8 ways bamboo can add colour and life to your garden.

  1. Bamboo Wall Accent

Bamboo is used in this idea as a wall accent that adds dimension to a rather dull corner. Recreate this look by installing bamboo poles that lean on one side of the wall, adjacent to a handful of live bamboo plants on the other. Finish it off by adding other elements such as vines and some inanimate objects.

  1. Bamboo Hedge

The ability of bamboo to grow densely in a short span of time makes it a great option for hedges – the same characteristic that makes it hard to maintain and overwhelming. But, when given the proper care, you can have a beautiful, living privacy screen that keeps your property from the prying eyes of your neighbour.

  1. Bamboo Edging

Having a wall between your property and your neighbours can sometimes feel confining – and planting dense, bamboo plants next to them invites a warmer atmosphere to your garden. It’s also a great way to hide unsightly walls that can rather mess up the entire look of the space.

  1. Bamboo as Additional Wall Height

Instead of being kept as low-growing hedges, the bamboo plants are allowed to grow and reach a height that exceeds the wall, so they add more privacy without the additional footprint to the property itself. But, once they reach a desirable height, the clumps must be pruned more frequently to keep them neat and functional.

  1. Bamboo Shading

Bamboo shade is an outdoor installation that gives you the needed cover from the sun, while still letting some sunshine penetrate through. It has an exceptional elegance, with durability to boot, making it a reliable solution that fulfils the purpose of a traditional blind with minimal care.

  1. Bamboo Pathway

There are at least two ways you can use bamboo for this purpose. One is to use them as live plants to frame the walkway, wherein they are neatly trimmed, with probably some garden lights to enhance the look. Another is to use them as the pathway itself to lend a rustic vibe to the garden.

  1. Bamboo in Planters

As mentioned, bamboo can be hard to maintain as it can grow erratically in a pretty short time. But, when grown inside a planter, extensive root growth can be prevented. It also makes the plants transportable, allowing you to alter the look of the space whenever you feel like it.

  1. Bamboo Fence

A fence should serve as a frame for your garden while making everything in it appear cohesive – and a bamboo fence is one that can do all these and more. It can also function as a trellis to support the growth of vines or as a structure where you can hang flower plants and small planters.

Bamboo Furniture and Accent Pieces for the Garden

In addition to the ideas on how to landscape with bamboo, here are some interesting bamboo furniture and accent pieces you can use in your project:

Bird Feeder – Attract birds into your garden using a feeder made of bamboo.

Bamboo Planter – Due to its hollow shape, bamboo is also an ideal material for the planter itself.

Bamboo Fountain – Either you make one your own or find one ready in craft stores, a bamboo fountain is a magical addition to your garden.

Bamboo Lantern – Hang a few pieces of bamboo lanterns to your space for a rustic lighting at night.

Bamboo Bench – A bamboo bench or two offers a place where you can sit to appreciate your little abode. Here’s a helpful DIY hanging bamboo lantern tutorial from Christine de Beer.

Bamboo Garden

Now, when all these elements are incorporated, you can have your own beautiful bamboo garden in no time! Thinking about the many ways you can use bamboo in your home, and the various benefits to boot, you’ll understand why an increasing number of contemporary interior designers and landscape architects are considering bamboo as their primary material for decorating.

Get started with upgrading your garden with bamboo today!

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