How to Choose a Sofa Bed


Having a sofa bed means you can turn any room into a bedroom or a living room. As suggested by the name, a sofa bed can be transformed into a bed from a sofa or vice versa. This way, it is a great choice for those who have limited home space or don’t have the luxury of a guest bedroom.

Also known as a sleeper, sleep sofa or a sleeper sofa, it is one of the functional pieces of furniture you can own. You can see a lot of options at and pick the best sofa for your home.

Many factors should be considered when it comes to shopping for a sofa bed. And this guide will help you choose the right sofa bed for your home. 

Fold Out or Pull Out—Which is Better?

Generally, a sofa bed is available in mechanisms like a fold-out and pulls out. 

A fold-out is the bed that folds out flat and is likely to have a vast sleeping area sans headboard. You need to add a mattress protector beneath the bedding, to soften the mattress/seating and safeguard it from spills. 

Coming to pull-out sofas, they generally have two or three-fold mattresses. Those that can fold twice should be deeper and comfortable than mattresses being folded into three, which are typically less supportive and thinner. However, these sofa beds are cheaper and handy for occasional guests. 

Are you looking for a simple and no-frill type of sofa bed? Look no further than a futon that is made up of a large cushion or mattress covering their frames. It can be folded into a sofa or bed. 

Consider Your Budget:

Of course, before making a big investment, it’s useful to determine your budget so you know what you can afford. The prices of a sofa bed vary based on their style, material, size, and craftsmanship. However, sofa beds are generally expensive than a regular sofa, as they are two-in-one furniture. Therefore, ponder over your budget to choose the right one. 

Identify Your Needs:

How and when will your sofa bed be utilized?

When you are looking for a sofa bed, the main concern is to know-how—and, how often—you will be using it. This is likely to depend on how often you have overnight guests. 

If you are looking for a sofa bed for regular use, choose the one that can offer maximum comfort and support. This might be the case when you are preparing your home for a long-term guest.

Otherwise, make sure to choose the one that can be comfortable for your seating just like any other regular sofa. 

Consider the Size:

The sofa should fit in the room where you wanted it to be. For example, a two-seater sofa bed is great for one person and can be placed in a small drawing-room. A 3-seater sofa bed is ideal for big living rooms and provides more space as they can be converted into a double bed. 

Look for a Quality Frame:

The frame is an important part of any sofa bed as it supports both sitting and sleeping on it. A quality frame will keep the moving parts of the bed in top shape. The best frames are made with hardwoods, which are durable and sturdy enough to withstand the beatings of pressure and use. 

Besides, find out how the frame is made. A quality bed frame is made by hand with solid jointing, whereas an inferior bed is made with metal staples in the joints, a process that affects the strength of the frame. 

Check the Mattress and Cushioning:

Cushioning is an important part as it provides vital support so that you can sit on it for hours comfortably. Always prefer the one that comes with the high-density reflex foam. The mattress of your sofa bed is also important when it comes to supporting and comfort. It should have great support for the body at the lower back, hips, and shoulders. Sometimes, a thinner but better-built mattress can offer better support than a thicker one. 

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