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How Much Does It Usually Cost to Furnish a House?


Every year, around 10% of the US population moves. So there’s a very good chance that this is the year for your big move!

While it’s very exciting, there are some things to worry about, such as switching addresses for your bills, moving logistics, and furnishing your new place so your new house feels like a home.

Are you wondering how much it’ll cost to furnish a house? As you might imagine, there are several factors that can significantly impact how much you spend.

Read on to find out what they are so you can get a better idea of how much you’ll need to shell out to deck out!

Some Average Numbers to Start

We know that every situation is unique; it might cost you $20,000 to furnish a 4-bedroom house while it costs someone else $200,000! However, starting with some ballpark numbers can help.

In general, expect to pay around $24,200 to furnish your house (add another ~$10,000 per bedroom you have, as this number assumes you only have 1). Here are all the rooms broken down:

  • Living room: $14,000
  • Dining room: 12,100
  • Bedroom: $10,700

Of course, you might spend tons more or less on each room. Let’s say you highly value your outdoor living space, so you might spend $10,000 on it. But let’s also say you’re not very picky about your bedroom, so you end up just spending around $5,000 to furnish it.

Again, these are just some average numbers you should be aware of. Now let’s take a look at some factors that’ll affect how much cash you spend.

How You’re Sourcing Your Furniture

If you have some local family or friends (or loved ones who are willing to come out to you), then use this to your advantage. Ask around to see if they’re willing to give you some furniture or sell them to you for cheap.

You never know; Grandpa might have a sturdy and beautiful coffee table just gathering dust, and he’ll be more than happy to give it to you. Or maybe your best friend wants to give you their dining room set as a housewarming gift because they’re buying a new set anyway.

If you don’t have any close family or friends around, you can still source furniture for cheap. You can always check thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and other resources. If you look hard enough, you can score some fantastic items that are like new but cost just a fraction of what you’d pay in a store.

How Many Rooms You’re Furnishing

Obviously, the more rooms you have in your house, the more you’re going to spend. After all, you’re not just going to primp up your room and leave all the others untouched.

As we’ve said above, for every bedroom you have past your main one, plan on spending around $10,000 on each one to furnish them. If you’re using some of them for things like home offices or home gyms, you might spend more or less, depending on exactly what you put in these rooms.

It might be a good idea to do some light research on things you’re certain you need, such as an office chair, desk, bike machine, and weights. That way, you can adjust your budget accordingly and see if what you need is reasonably priced. Otherwise, you’ll want to either forego certain things or do heavier research to get more affordable options.

The Type of Furniture You Get

There’s no doubt about it: a dining room chair from somewhere like Target or IKEA will be much cheaper than one from a designer. So you have to ask yourself whether having luxury designer furniture is important to you or not.

For most people, they don’t care about the name on the tag, but rather, the actual design of the pieces themselves. If you’re one of these people, you can usually find some fantastic furniture for affordable prices in Target and IKEA. In fact, some of these are made so well that people will think you’ve bought from a designer when you actually haven’t!

Custom Will Cost More

Ready-made furniture will cost less since they’re made en masse and you can just pick them up at the store and place them in your home straight away. But the downside is if you’ve picked something popular and in style, there’s a very good chance that one of your friends has the same piece in their home.

If you can’t stand that thought and want your home to have exclusive pieces and a unique look, you might want to go custom. Of course, this will cost more, but you’ll get personalized pieces in your house.

Companies like this will personally work with you every step of the way to fabricate and install things like countertops, cabinets, tiles, light, and fixtures, in addition to furniture. In the end, it might be worth investing some money into custom work for all these areas to really make your home feel like your own.

Estimate the Cost to Furnish a House

After reading this article, you now know how to estimate the cost to furnish a house. Of course, it’s not an exact science and the final count for your bank account will depend on several factors, including the ones we listed above.

But hopefully, this article should give you a much better idea of approximately how much you’ll spend on furniture for your house. That way, you can make clearer plans and not get as much of a surprise when you see furniture prices when you go to the store. You’ll also be better prepared to take advantage of good deals and avoid the bad.

So use this article to your advantage and score yourself some fantastic furniture for your home, all without breaking the bank!

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