Get Rid Of Musty Smell from Your Bedroom


After a tiring day it’s your bedroom where you calm down and relax. It’s your peace haven and you enjoy spending every minute there. Now how will you feel if there is musty smell in bedroom? You must be thinking that why there should be any musty smell when you keep your bedroom clean? There are various reasons that leads to such smell and don’t worry, yours is not the only one. Check out the tips mentioned below and you will know how to keep your bedroom fresh, always!

Where you rest your head

Bedroom is a place where you will never love to have any odor. In your bedroom the bed is the central part where you relax yourself. However, if you do not change the sheet of your bed then you have to pay for it.

It is best to air out the bed sheets every day. It may seem odd, but have you ever thought that during night you sweat and where does it get absorbed? Naturally, it’s your bed sheet. Thus, it’s better to pull out the sheet every morning when you wake up and let the bed air out. After you get shower and be ready for the day you can again make the bed.

Most of time it is found that people changes their sheets once in 3 weeks. You can understand how much dust and sweat gets accumulated in it! You should keep changing the bed linens every week and wash them. It will keep the bed sheets clean and you will not found any foul smell from your bed. While taking acre of the bed sheet don’t forget the pillow covers. They must also be taken care of.

When you follow the above things you can be sure that there will be no odor from your bed. You can feel fresh every time you lay down on it.

What’s Underfoot?

Now that you know that your bed is clean you must be feeling fresh in bedroom, but still there is musty smell in bedroom? It’s time to look at the floor.

Do you have carpet in your bedroom? Say good bye to them. Actually, the carpet fibers are the best place where different odor gets trapped, be that from your feet or something from sex. Whatever comes inside your bedroom along with your feet gets trapped in the carpet and it becomes stingy.

If you still need something in your bedroom as you hate the idea of being barefoot, you can get a rug there. You must wash them at least once a month.


Finally in order to ensure that your bedroom is fresh you have to check out the ventilation. You must make sure that the air is ventilated regularly. If required you can use a air purifier that will trap the bad odor.

While talking of ventilation it is important to say about the curtains that are there in the bedroom. Make sure that you keep them clean and wash them often. They too trap the foul smell.

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