Do More with Less Space in Your Kitchens and Bathrooms – Space Saver Ideas


Do More with Less Space in Your Kitchens and Bathrooms – Space Saver Ideas

Cramped up homes and residential buildings are quite common today as price of land keeps rising. People are now more inclined towards building tight and small homes and apartments for space concerns. Usually, kitchens and bathrooms take the worst hit when it comes to space.

However, you don’t have to feel all cramped up for space in your kitchens or bathrooms. With intelligent space management techniques and a few creative ideas, your space problems can be solved for good. For both kitchens or bathrooms, there are some very innovative space saver ideas that you can use.

Here are some of our best implementations that will not only manage space efficiently but also look good as well:

Maximize Shelf Storage Spaces

Shelves are always some of the best solutions to cramped up spaces. Especially, bathrooms and kitchens can never get enough shelves no matter how many you put up there. All your frequently used items can rest on these shelves so easily and be so accessible at all times.

Modern glass shelves are also available in many different designs, colors and sizes. Potentially every kind of a glass shelf that you need, can be made available quite easily. Custom rained glass shelves, frosted glass, tinted or colored glass shelves are all available at cheap prices.

For bathrooms, a shelf right under your mirror can be quite versatile. There can be one behind the toilet seat as well for functionality. Kitchens can have multiple shelves all around their walls for placing all your stuffs on them. Beautiful shelves should look great while offering full storage functionality as well.

Make Cabinets Wherever You Can

If shelves are too open and unprotected for you, cabinets might be your thing. Beautiful Mirror Cabinetsfor bathrooms and kitchens are quite in the trend as well. Potentially, you should be able to install quite sizeable cabinets at many different places in your bathrooms and kitchens.

For kitchens, cabinets can hold all your spices, cutlery, cleaning materials and everything else you need storage for. Bathrooms can get cabinets that can hold all your soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes etc. These can be functional and also made to look beautiful.

Bathroom cabinets with mirror glass doors are quite the trend as well. For kitchens, wooden or even metallic cabinets can work great. All your surrounding designs will have to be taken into account to get best display cabinet results. You can either match them in color themes or accent the rest with them.

Turn Your Vanity into a Large Cabinet

Vanity areas in the bathrooms are quite large. Usually placed on the main wall, washing up areas are combined with vanities. For full functionality of it and also a space saver idea, you can have a full mirror style vanity cabinet installed. This implementation brings looks and functionality at the same time.

Vanity Display Cabinet with Glass Doors implementation is quite unique and beneficial for small bathrooms. Same mirror finishes on their front sides allow for all the grooming you need to do. Their large spaces allow for whatever storage you need inside of them.

Wooden cabinets can also work great for the vanity areas provided you will be splashing any water on them. Wooden cabinets with glass doors are quite the lookers as well. Otherwise, you can go metallic with the material selection. All types of cabinets should hold up pretty well with use.

Make Low Cabinets for Your Cleaning Stuffs

Cabinets don’t have to be high up all the time. Spaces like bathrooms and kitchens can also have installed low down cabinets in unique places. The area beneath your washing facility in the kitchen can store all the cleaning stuffs that you have.

Bathroom low down cabinets under the vanity can be used for the same purpose as well. Doing this, you will have all the other space in your bathrooms and kitchens freed up for other uses. These low cabinets can also be quite cheap to make. You need to be creative and crafty with what you do.

Ideally, you can even do a great DIY project on these. However, you should always take care of your bathroom or kitchen décor when doing so. These places are visited quite often and only an inviting design should be implemented.

Plant Towel and Cloth Hangers on Walls

Cleaning towels and cloths usually are very un-organized in kitchens or bathrooms. To organize them perfectly, you can use simple hangers. Horizontally placed hangers should spread your cleaning cloths or hand towels nicely keeping them dried up at all times.

Beautiful colors and designs for these are available in many different finishes. When looking for a design accent, these can work pretty great as well. Plastic materials for these towel hangers are finished in many different styles. Color patterns with desirable finishes can be available in all requirements.

Once you have these hangers, your hand towels and cleaning cloths will always be very accessible as well. You will never lose them at all and have the luxury of using them whenever or however you need. Any walls that are near where you stand most often in the kitchen should work well with hangers.

Keep Everything Organized

Another pro tip you should know about when looking for space maximization is organized surrounds in kitchens and bathrooms. Both these spaces are quite personal and will look much more spacious when you are doing things right. Place everything at their dedicated places for easy access at all times.

All your cabinets, shelves or drawers should be used efficiently for stuff storage. Even use labels for spaces like a spice cabinet in your kitchen. A cleaning cabinet in the bathroom can also be labeled accordingly. All this improves your storage problems and makes everything easily findable as well.

With perfect organization, you will get full control of your bathroom and kitchen surroundings. Basically, space maximization is all about this boosted control that you have. Even in less spaced and cramped kitchens or bathrooms, with perfect organization, you can get maximum value from the space you have.

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