Bed Bug Extermination: Why Let the Pros Do the Job for You


Discovering bed bugs in your home is often scary. There are many ways bed bugs can get into your home. They can hitchhike in your luggage during your stay at a hotel or on some used furniture you pick up at a yard sale. Once they arrive in your home, bed bugs will multiply quickly. That is why you must get rid of them right away. Unfortunately, getting rid of these pets is not easy, so it’s best to contact a pest exterminator to do the job for you.

Signs You Have Bed Bugs at Home

Often, bed bug infestations start in your bedroom. These pests are about the size of apple seeds and feed on human and animal blood. They usually hide during the day and come out at night to feed on sleeping hosts. You might not feel bed bug bites while they are feeding on your blood and you will only notice the bite marks and feel the itch. Those who don’t have reactions to bed bug bites will see red bumps, little blisters, or welts on their skin. Aside from itchy bites, you will know bed bugs are present in your home when you see blood stains on the mattress and sheets, small black dots, bed bug eggs, shed skins, or nymphs, and adult bed bugs.

Common Hiding Places for Bed Bugs

Keep in mind that bed bugs are not only found in beds. During the day, these pests might hide in cracks in the headboard or in the floorboard below your bed. Also, they might be found on the wall, between the wall and the baseboards, and behind picture frames. They may infest other furniture such as couches, easy chairs, and sofas. And they may be found in luggage and clothing.

What to Do If there are Bed Bugs in your Home

If you find bed bugs or signs of bed bugs, it is usually best to contact a reputable pest control specialist. This professional can comprehensively inspect your home for signs of bed bugs and determine how significant the infestation is and which spaces are affected.

Keep in mind that it is quite difficult to control bed bugs on your own. Female bed bugs can lay hundreds of eggs, so they tend to grow in numbers quickly. In addition, bed bugs have developed resistance to a lot of pesticides that can be found in stores. Pest control experts use the most up-to-date and effective treatments to address a bed bug issue.

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