A Guide to Regular Garden Maintenance


As the harsh British winter is well and truly behind us, this is the time that homeowners turn their attention to the garden, which has largely been dormant for 4-5 months. After an initial cleaning up session, your garden will need tending on a weekly basis, and with trusted landscaping services in Yateley, you can arrange for their maintenance team to take on the regular gardening tasks.

Cutting the Grass

This will need to be done every week in the summer and fortnightly in the autumn months, and if you have neither the time nor the inclination, your local garden maintenance company can help. Even if you don’t have a lawnmower, the garden maintenance team have their own machines and will also remove the grass cuttings when they go.

Pruning the Trees

This will only need to be done on a monthly basis, and the garden maintenance team will maintain your trees and shape them accordingly to give your outdoor living space a balanced look. In the event you need a mature tree removed or lopped, the local garden maintenance team are expert tree surgeons and would be fully insured to work on large trees.

Other Tasks

Your garden might need the following tasks carried out:

  • Trimming the hedges
  • Sweeping leaves
  • Weeding the flower beds

If you never seem to have enough free time to take care of your garden, talk to your local landscaping services who can schedule regular visits and keep your garden looking good. You decide what they do and how often they come, and their rates are very reasonable.

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