4 Stunning White Beach Inspired Kitchen Ideas Exclusively For You


There is hardly any person who doesn’t love the charm of a sea beach. Salt water, sun, and sand can be the best way to rejuvenate a soul. But unfortunately, when our modern life comes with lots of demands, it becomes almost impossible to take a break time and again and find an escape while lying on a beach. But what if you can create such an ambiance in your home? Well, how about making the busiest corner of your home a bit like a beach house that will offer you a bit of respite even when you are busy in making food for your family and loved ones? Yes, I am talking about creating a beach house inspired kitchen in your modern American home.

Fresh air, lots of lights, bright cheerful ambiance and the pristine feel, all these are the recipes of such a beach house kitchen that you have always seen in the glossy magazines and on the internet. Now, be a bit creative and create such a stunning space in your abode that will reenergize you even after a busy long day. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Bring In White

The most prominent characteristic of a tropical or a beach house kitchen is the bright atmosphere that creates a cheerful mood in the space too. It is very necessary as when you are working for the longest hours in the kitchen, you might end up feeling bored and irritated. But when you are planning to use the theme beach house, it will help you enhance the cheery vibe of the place. For that, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is use white in your kitchen. While you can paint the kitchen in complete white, you can also opt for white kitchen cabinets. As the cabinets will be the most prominent feature in a kitchen, it is obvious that it will create a tremendous visual impression in the kitchen. On one hand, it will be in complete sync with the theme of the kitchen. On the other, it will be offering a versatility that hardly any other option can give.

Natural Hues with Occasional Splash

Now, you might be wondering if the white color will make the space look boring or not. Well, for a monochromic kitchen, if you are not being creative then it can make the space look monotonous. But if you are going for some quirks, it can break the feared monotony and add up to the charm of a beach house kitchen. For example, add green in the kitchen. Think of placing some indoor small plants or maybe a green area rug on the floor. You can also go for the green shaded light as a task light in the kitchen. Think of adding a bit of the fabric in the kitchen décor. Maybe cushion cover or the roman blinds on the window can be blue while bringing the colors of waves in the kitchen.

Let There be Light

When you are creating the beach house kitchen, think of bringing in natural light in the space. So, if possible, think of having a big window or a French door in the kitchen that will let plenty of natural light flood the whole area while contributing to the naturally cheerful characteristics of the place.

Country Inspired Backsplash

Now, let’s add some uniqueness as the character in the design of the kitchen as a finishing touch. When the whole kitchen is basking in the glory of pure white color and a lot of natural light, how about adding a backsplash that can create a perfect contrast? A country inspired backsplash with open brick style can be a perfect match for a kitchen like this.

So, now as you know about these ideas, what are you waiting for? Rush to a nearby store and order a set of RTA cabinets wholesale that will make the kitchen not only look stunning but will also offer the maximum level of functionality without any doubt.

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