12 Essential Tools for DIY Projects


When your home needs repair or remodelling work to be done, you can either call a professional for help or do the project yourself.

If you call a professional, you will likely pay hundreds or thousands of dollars in service fees.

On the other hand, DIY projects can save you plenty of money. You must add the right tools to your toolbox before you get to work.

Once you invest in these tools, you can perform DIY projects for several years without ever paying for help again.

Below are the 12 essential tools for DIY projects.

1) Tape Measure

Any time you are building or remodelling certain features in your home, it will require you to take measurements with a tape measure.

It is such an essential tool for projects related to flooring, carpentry, roofing, and construction. Make sure it is a professional grade tape measure that goes up to at least 25 feet in length. 

Some tape measures even extend as long as 50 feet in length. But for the average DIY project, 25 feet should be good enough.

2) Hammer

The hammer is another critical tool to add to your toolbox. So many DIY projects require you to nail items together or onto a wall. You cannot do this without a trusty hammer at your disposal.

3) CNC Router Bits

CNC Router Bits are essential to have for your computer numerical control router (CNC router). Each bit can help you cut a specific type of material, such as aluminium, steel, foams, wood, plastics, composites, and glass.

Try to obtain a variety of different bits because you will never know when you need them. These should include two-flute, single flute, V cutter, straight edge, down spiral, and up spiral bits.

4) Handsaw

A handsaw is recommended for inexperienced DIYers because there is a reduced chance of an accident happening.

But if you were to use a power saw without knowing how to handle it properly, it could cause a severe injury to you.

If your DIY project requires you to cut wood or plastic, for instance, then a handsaw is the safer way to perform this task.

5) Pliers

Pliers give you the ability to grip, turn, pull, or tighten something. You will usually be working with small metal objects, such as nuts and nails.

6) Wrench

You will not always be working with screws and nails. If you need to repair something bigger that uses bolts, such as an automobile, then a wrench is the only tool that can remove them.

Make sure it is an adjustable wrench so that you can grip nuts of different sizes. It can also help you make repairs to your automobile as well.

7) Gloves

Gloves will protect your hands as you handle chemicals, materials, tools, and other items around your home. Some gloves can even make it easier to grip your tools as well.  

8) Mask

Construction and remodelling tend to have a lot of tiny particles flying through the air. If you wear a mask on your face, you can prevent yourself from breathing in those airborne particles.

Then you will reduce the likelihood of you getting sick or developing breathing problems.  

9) Utility Knife

A utility knife can be carried with you anywhere on your DIY project. You can use the knife to cut boards, open boxes, sharpen pencils, and other small cutting tasks.

10) Screwdriver

Here is an essential tool that everyone should have in their toolbox. Screwdrivers are used to repair cabinets, doorknobs, handles, chairs, desks, tables, and all kinds of furniture pieces.

Since screws tend to come in multiple sizes, it would be wise to purchase a screwdriver that lets you switch the bit at the end of it. There are multi-bit screwdrivers available for sale that let you do this.

11) Goggles

As important as it is to protect your lungs from airborne particles and debris, you must protect your eyes too.

Always wear goggles over your eyes if you are cutting or demolishing something on your property.  

12) Hardhat

Construction workers wear hardhats on their heads for a reason. If something falls on your head unexpectedly, you will want a hardhat to protect you from getting injured. Otherwise, you could suffer a concussion or worse. 


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