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Lovely Christmas Stocking Decoration

December 19, 2011 By: admin Category: Trinkets Home & Accessories

unique socks for christmas in fireplace 530x477 Lovely Christmas Stocking Decoration

on your holiday is always eagerly awaited. such as Christmas tree, snowflake, glass ball, and . Xmas celebrations would not get out of on the fireplace. Hanging on the fireplace is an essential Xmas tradition. Waiting for Santa to fill them up is half the fun for young children, and even for many adults.

long knit christmas stocking 530x477 Lovely Christmas Stocking Decoration

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These are shaped more or less like stockings, but they are slightly larger than normal stockings so that they can hold gifts. Small stockings are hung on Christmas trees as decorative items. You can make Christmas stockings from felt, and even velvet, if you want a luxurious feel to them. All you need to do is cut out two identical pieces of fabric shaped like legs and sew them together. Trim the opening with white felt and add a loop to hang it up with. You can also buy stockings if you are pressed for time; you can get beaded and embroidered stockings in many sizes and colours.

cute little dog stocking for christmas 530x477 Lovely Christmas Stocking Decorationword stocking for christmas ornament 530x477 Lovely Christmas Stocking Decoration

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